Why Mobile-First Indexing Is Google’s Topmost Priority

Why Mobile-First Indexing Is Google’s Topmost Priority?

In the world of ever-changing technology, mobile phones are vital to bringing you closer to the person who is far from you. It is an efficient communication device, which helps us to make our lives easier and handier. Earlier, mobile phones are used to make phone calls to the person who is far away from us. However, from now on, modern cell phones are equipped to do much more rather than sending and receiving phone calls.

According to a survey report based on mobile phone usage, 95% of the total mobile users utilize their mobile for other features. These kinds of features include accessing social media accounts, storing data and informative files, texting messages, shooting videos and clicking pictures, and the most common searching for any information by surfing on the internet.

Mobile and Website Development

In the past few years, the world of website design has developed a lot just because of the extreme popularity of mobile usage. Many Website Designers are keeping the fact in their mind that using a mobile phone is trending for a long time. Even Google has also start mobile-first website indexing from the year 2016. During all these years, Google is has given us bits of new information and updates about how mobile-first indexing works and how to prepare. Here is some information that will help SEO professionals to know more about Google’s mobile-first indexing.

What is a mobile-first indexing strategy?

The term mobile-first indexing is a trending SEO tactic with which website developers focus on designing a website for mobile-based devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Android devices. With a mobile-first strategy, a web designer will build a site given the limitations of a mobile platform like a small screen, slower processors, inaccurate clicks, and slow download speeds and then they can copy or improve the site for desktop use.

Does mobile-first indexing influences Google ranking

Well, the answer for the above question is no. There are no such drastic changes would come in the search engine rankings, after the implementation of Google’s mobile-first indexing strategy. The actual reason behind this update is the huge popularity of mobile devices. Google found that most of the websites are designed for mobile devices rather than desktop units.

Therefore, Google has now changed its indexing policy to regard the mobile version of a website as the primary source for indexing the website’s content. As Google understands that, the performance and page load speed is a major factor for a website’s success. Moreover, the usability of a mobile device will help online businesses to get a fast loading mobile websites with a better ranking.

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