Why Do People call India the Country of Colors?

India is the country that is known for celebrating festivals with joy and happiness. Well, it is absolutely right, India is always imposing and fondly remembered as the country full of symbolic colors. As Indian cities own their unique colors and some Indian cities that are quite famous with a specific nickname with the referencing color like for Jaipur– the Pink City, for Jodhpur– the Blue City, and for Jaisalmer– the Golden City. Basically, India has long been associated with color because of its numerous festivals, costumes, and food.

In all the festivals, Holi is the one which owns a special festivity vibe that marks at the beginning of spring. Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that brings lots of positivity in everyone’s lives and symbolizes fertility, color, love, and the triumph of good over evil. People of India believe that Holi is one of the reasons why India got the title “The Country of Colors”.

Ancient Stories behind Holi Celebrations

The story of Holika, King Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlad is the most famous traditional stories that are associated with the Holi festival. Another lesser-known story related to Holi is the story of invincible Dhundhi’s story that teaches us the victory of good over evil. According to this ancient tale, there was a terrible ogress called Dhundhi who loved to gulp innocent children in the region of King Prithu. Dhundhi had performed severe penitence and had won several boons from the divinities that made her almost invincible or undefeated. But, due to a curse of Lord Shiva, she was not that strong to bear the pranks and abuses of young boys as she was to weapons and arrows.

One day, some daring boys of the village decided to get rid of Dhundhi forever and follow her away from the village forever. They got befuddled on bhaang and drunk and then followed Dhundhi towards the boundaries of the village along with beating drums, making a loud noise, shouting obscenities and hurling insults at her and continued doing this until she left the village for good.

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