Importance of Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing and its Importance?

“Influencer” is the word that has been used for centuries to criticize individuals who have the power to manipulate the perception of people. But in this digital era where social media has become a bridge of connection, the definition of influencer has changed and transformed into a new marketing tactic. As the people around us have started to rely upon the social media more and more the influencer marketing has made its path to the front and companies are spending more time and money to tactic more than ever and working on providing social media optimization services.

As there are brands are constantly looking for a way to put their brand on the digital map, ProICT recommend to implement influencer marketing as a part of our strat0egy. Now, who are reading this with blank faces need to learn what is influencer marketing and why it is so important? So, without wasting a single breath let’s begin with the information.

What is Influencer Marketing?

What was the last product you brought? Did someone suggest that product? Or you asked a friend about it after seeing it online? In my opinion, at some point, someone has suggested a product to you. Now, that someone can be a close friend, a popular actor, a trusted person or someone who follow on social media. The point is an influencer is a real person who convinces their audience by providing reviews on the products and services which is right opposite to glamorous TV ads.

By the term “influencer marketing”, we mean a process of finding and working the individuals that can influence a huge number of audience on a specific social media channel. In other words, influencer work as a promoter to a small community of followers to endorse the brand’s products. With these two separate definitions, many argue that influencers are just a way to build a brand relationship with the new audience and making their existing customers more loyal.

Why Influencer Marketing is Important for Your Brand Promotion?

Have you ever thought that your audience would act on the recommendation of a friend or someone they know rather than a stranger? Well, that’s how influencer marketing works. Here are some of the main reasons why you should invest in influencer marketing:

  • Consumer take recommendation from influencer more seriously

With the growing popularity of the social media channels, your brand is losing its power and becoming what consumers think of it rather than have a separate opinion. This can be changed with influencer marketing. As the audience trust the words that are spilled through the posts of the influencer, it can be used to improve the image of your brand in the market.

According to the recent survey influencers have a higher power on whether the audience will buy your products or not. Just think over it for a moment “why people follow influence?” Because they trust them, admire them and would try whatever they will recommend. Influencers are the trusted gatekeeper of their community and followers believe whatever product they will recommend would be more organic and credible.

  • The reach of social media

The social media channels are rapidly growing across the globe opening new doors of marketing opportunities for organizations. Upon the publication of this blog post, the total number of Instagram will cross 700 million users which makes the fourth fastest-growing social media app. Just imagine, through the influencers, you can reach this mass audience covering all the age groups.

  • People are no more interested in your pop-up ads

Do you what is the most irritating thing over the internet? Yeah! The pop-up ads that cannot be skipped. Although, you may think it is the best way to grab the attention of your audience it is far from a pleasant experience. So, what they have begun to do is block your ads completely. Heart-wrenching, right? Watching your money going into veins like that. So, rather than wasting your hard-earned money on the ads people are blocking go with influencer marketing to reach your ads blocking consumers with the information they want.

Influencer marketing is not everyone. You have to have the right product to showcase on the social platform and there needs to be an influencer available for your product in the market. But in the end, it still worth your valuable time and money to invest in influencer marketing.


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