Creating Your New Website? Be Sure To Add These Web Pages

Whether you believe it or not some of the pages on your website are more important than others. Maybe most of you are aware of this but the fact only a few applies it to enhance the conversions. We understand that it can be complicated to decide which page is more important for your visitors. So, here is the trick, you need to ask the following questions you need to ask whiling determining which pages to add on your website:

  • What is the purpose of the page on your website?
  • How it will help in your digital marketing strategy?
  • Is there a need to add privacy policy page?
  • Do I need to add blog page?

When it comes to developing your web pages there is a particular set of pages your website should have to rank on the search results. What we are about to explain in this blog is how your pages have potential to improve your side dramatically.

Significant Pages Your Website Must Have

Home Page: Home page is the face of your website and the very first page many people witness when visiting your website. Therefore, your homepage should always tell a story about your business, like what it does, and accomplish it has achieved so far. The content you have added or about to add on your homepage must be intriguing to capture the attention of the visitors. Apart from the content, your home page should be well-designed and optimized to showcase the proficiency of your business. As per the studies a visitor maximum spend around 0.5 seconds on a website before moving to the next website. So, you have got only got 4 seconds to impress them by representing yourself through the best web development service provider.

About us page: When people come forward to join hands with other person, whether it is about relationship or the working partners, they want to learn a bit more about them. The about us page on the website is the second most visited page after the home page. As an information page, the about us must contain a brief summary of who you are, what you do, the history of your company and what isolate you from the rest of the crowd.

Service/ product pages: This page(s) are significant from the SEO prospective as well. While creating the service or product pages on your new website you should always start with a small description that describe your product or services. In case, if your services are vast, then try to divide them into the sub sections to make it simpler to read, comprehend and add links where readers can find more information.

Contact us page: You contact us page is very crucial for your website as it show the path through which your valuable customers can reach you. It is also important to add your email ID, phone number and physical mailing address on the contact us page and the footer of all the pages. There are some companies who prefers to have contact form on the website rather than showcasing their email address to prevent spam.

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Other pages you can add in your website: Depending on what type of website you are creating for your business, you can also add the following web pages:

  • Search result page
  • FAQ page
  • Events page
  • Sitemap page

However, if you are still facing some issues while creating new pages for your website, then consult with experts at ProICT- a website development company in the USA.



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