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Customer Engagement: An Inseparable Part Of Twitter

Customer involvement is the primary goal of every Digital Marketing Professional to run a business successfully. Customer engagement is like a relationship that connects the customer with your brand. Whenever a customer engaged with your business, they connect with you and build an emotional connection with your brand.

When we talk about customer engagement, social media channels play a vital role to promote your brand. As I said in my previous blogs also, social media can build an outstanding interaction between a brand and users. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform used as a social media marketing strategy. Today, we will encircle some easy ways to increase customer engagement by using Twitter.

How to increase customer engagement on Twitter?

When it comes to customer engagement, you need to build it because you can’t buy engagement. According to a survey, around 321 million monthly active users are using twitter to promote their brands. Twitter engagement can be a quick way to get more clicks, increase brand awareness and more conversion rates. Here are a few tactics suggested by professionals to increase more customer engagement:

Use appropriate hashtags (#)

These days, people start using hashtag symbol (#) along with their keyword or phrase while posting any tweet on twitter. To promote your business on twitter, use hashtag campaigns with your brand’s name and tagline as well. As per SMM professionals, using hashtags can double up the customer engagement rate by creating high visibility on Twitter.

Hashtags help you to get more attention from the audience on your tweets and enable users to find your tweets by searching trending hashtags. As per a survey, tweets with hashtags have a 1,065% increase in engagement and get more than 33% retweets from users as compared to other tweets without hashtags.

Keep your content simple and short

The first thing you need to keep in mind while doing tweets that is your content should be engaging and interesting in fewer words. As everyone is familiar with Twitter’s character restrictions, you can tweet within the character count which should not exceed 280 characters including hashtags and links as well.

Usually professional suggests not to exceed 140 characters to tweet your content so that your followers can edit it if they want to do. Try to keep your content to the point and always remember the character restriction whenever tweeting on Twitter.

Respond immediately on the user’s response

Nowadays, no one wants to wait, everyone wants a quick response or results. The golden rule to increase customer engagement rate is responding immediately to users’ actions it can be a message, retweet or comment as well. This can be a little easy for small brands as compared to a large and well-known brand because people already know that brand which diverts more customers to them.

According to Social Media Marketers, responding to user’s tweets can increase the chance of receiving a reply back on your reply, which helps business owners to engage those customers with your posts in the future.

At the end of this blog, I hope the above trick would help you to increase more customer engagement on your Twitter account which generates good revenue as well. If you will face any trouble at any stage while implementing Social Media Marketing strategies, you can take suggestions with the professionals of ProICT LLC to make it crystal clear.

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