Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eye In 2019

There was a time when roadside banners, hot air balloons and newspaper ads were the only way of dragging the attention of customers toward your products. Now, when that era has long gone, digital models have taken over the marketing field. Living in the 21St century, I believe that “marketing is no longer walking with printing, TV and radio ads but has taken the road to digitalization”.

When we talk about the businesses handling the marketing change, there are many who are on the cusp of the latest marketing trends while others are just catching up with the trends that have fallen out of the race a long ago. It is up to you to decide in which category of businesses you see yourself. The one who is struggling to adapt to the change? Or the one who believes in beating all the odds and staying ahead in the game?

If you are still in the daze or aww of the 2018 marketing trends, then 2019 marketing trends will leave you more inundating than ever. In 2019, it is not only the technology change that will spin the whole game. So, to prepare you ahead the time, we have come up with the best digital marketing strategies/trends to watch out in 2019.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2019

Omnichannel Marketing Will Increase the Heat This Winter

Omnichannel has become a new buzz word in the digital world but the fact is only a few people are aware of the actual meaning behind this term. The best way to understand the concept of omnichannel marketing is to compare it with “multichannel marketing”.

What you do in the multichannel marketing is set up different marketing touchpoints which interact with each other to make the journey of the customer much smoother and easier. Let’s take an example to understand it. Suppose, you have come across a client through the social media channel, now after interacting for a while, you want to convert it through email. Here you have used two different marketing channels to interact and nurture your lead.

The concept of omnichannel marketing is similar but more universal. The term ‘Omni’ means “all of the places”. If simply put, omnichannel means creating touchpoints that work with every marketing channel used by the customers.

Majority of the marketers only target social media channels as they believe it still ranks as the top digital marketing channel. However, you cannot just engage the client by commenting on social media posts. Some of the most common channels you must check out are:

  • Podcasts
  • Live broadcasts
  • Apps
  • Direct mail
  • Offline events

If you believe the digital marketing service provider, all of these channels can take over your traditional marketing channels. So, is your business ready for the future?

Artificial Intelligence will Make You Feel Home

Artificial intelligence is considered as future technology by many. AI lead voice assistance devices like Amazon Alexa and Google have become a part of our homes or should I say something that makes us feel like home!

The future of AI is no doubt bright and with each passing moment, it is gaining the abilities to perform the fundamental task. With this rapid growth, days are not far when AI will become a standard like smartphones. On the current note, organizations are using AI to identify current trends and perform competitor research.

Past in 2016 Gartner predicted that “a time will come when the AI will author all the business content on the internet” Although the accuracy of this prediction is still under the clouds I have come across some AI-written articles this far myself. AI is just good at gathering some heavy data and writing the news brief about business and sport. The published articles might not have the same impact as hand-typed one but they can surely save money that cost to spread the word.

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Good Content Still Matters

In 2019, content marketing still rules the digital marketing as a true king! Although the people would emphasis on shades in content, the quality will always matter. With the change in the interest, the digital writers have started to dig further to learn about the actual interest of the readers. Having a clear understanding of the target audience will make the message more impressive.

So while delivering the quality content was, is, and will always matter in digital marketing, crafting it to target special industries can help to yield more impressive results.

In the end, there is one question left for you to answer “are you prepared to face this changes in 2019?” if not, then it is time to join hands with ProICT experts who will help your business to go through the entire year without losing any valuable customer.

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