The Ultimate Guidance for Designing an Eye-Catchy Logo

Never design a logo for your brand, design it for people who are associating with your brand. Designing a logo is not an easy task, you need to do so much market research to create it. A strong logo reflects your business objectives and it comes with answers of questions like what you are, what you want to achieve, which services you are offering and much more.

If you want an impressive and impactful logo for your brand, then you should take help from Web Designing professionals. Today in this blog, you will learn a few tips about how to design an effective logo that describes your brand and your goals.

Why you need a logo?

A company’s logo describes its prosperity and prestige that means a logo can make or break your business market reputation. It reflects the company’s determination or motive and sends the right message to their targeted audience.

A logo is not just an image or a design, it is like a public face of your brand which defines “what you are actually?” in front of your customers. You can include symbols, stylish fonts, a unique color scheme and a small tagline that reflect your goals in your business logo.

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Elements need to include in a logo

As I said earlier a logo is a very important part to present or promote your brand. If you are a beginner in logo designing then experimenting with logo templates can be a good start for you. Here are a few suggestions for you in order to design a strong and impressive logo to describe your business:

  1. A unique design that expresses your brand 

Every business differs from another which means they logo designs also need to differ. Be sure while designing your brand’s logo, it should be a unique, impressive, and eye-catchy design that looks like a mirror of your business. A logo defines the nature of your business, what product or services you are offering, and for what you stand in the market.

To design a unique logo, you need to do so much market research and try to be more creative and design an impactful, effective and unique logo to represent your brand in the market.

  1. Choose font or typeface carefully

A stylish and unique typeface is the thing that is firstly visible in your logo design. While a designer designs a logo, sometimes they made a huge mistake by not paying attention to the font decided for a brand’s logo. The font needs to be interesting and impactful that complete and complements your logo design.

For example, if you going to design a logo for kids’ related stuff, you should choose funny or handwritten font style because kids loved a lot these types of things and easily got attracted. The above example shows the importance of font style in your logo design, so be a little choosy while selecting a typeface for your logo.

  1. Include interesting color combinations and gradients 

Colors play a very critical part of our life because our mind believes in whatever we saw. According to a survey, 13% of the logos have Yellow or Gold color, 28% have black, silver or grey, 29% have red and 33% of logos have a blue theme.

Every color has their own identity, for example, red color express aggression, passion and strong energies, but on the other hand blue color is the symbol of depth, loyalty, stability, professionalism, and positive energies. So be careful while selecting color themes or you can different shades of the same color to create a crafty effect in your logo.

Picture 1

  1. Never complex your logo design, keep it simple

If you want a logo that will easy to remember then simplicity is the key component to design a memorable logo for your brand. You can use tiny pictures or specific symbol which represent your brand like Apple’s logo is made by an apple with a bite, Pepsi logo is made by using two colors, Twitter’s logo has a blue bird and many more examples are there around you.

According to ProICT LLC, designing a logo with simplicity is the most difficult part of designing. So ensure that your logo carries its own identity with simplicity at the same time it represents your brand too.

Final words

At the end of the blog, I hope now you have comprehend things to consider while designing a unique, simple, impactful, color-coordinated logo with an interesting typeface that also represents the brand in the market. If you still facing issues while designing a logo, you can consult with professionals at ProICT LLC or hire website designing service provider company to resolve your issue(s).

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