Track Conversions on Google Analytics

Steps To Track Conversions Through Google Analytics

Nowadays, digital marketing is a requirement to run an online business, that is why the demand for professionals in digital marketing is rising so rapidly. When we talk about digital marketing, using SEO tactics always comes at the top of the list. SEM is acronyms of Search Engine Marketing, which is a process of promoting a brand or a business through Search engines.

Search Engine, for example, Google, is the place where a user can search about anything which they want to know about. In SEM there are two terms one is Organic (SEO) and another one is Paid (PPC). If you are an SEM professional, then you are aware of the terms Organic SEO. Basically, organic SEO refers to Organic Search Engine Optimization that belongs to the process used to obtain a natural rank or placement on (SERP) Search Engine Result Pages.

A few examples of most common techniques used in organic SEO are using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to increase link reach, and content that is relevant for readers. However, professionals use SEO strategies to get more conversions through traffic on the site. The reason behind publishing this blog post is to tell you about organic conversions and how can you track these conversions.

 What is the Term Organic Conversions?

Basically, the conversion is a general term used for those visitors who turn into the customers. Earlier, the success of Search Engine Optimization depends on the SERP ranking of the relevant keyword. But now it turns on the count of conversions done through the organic traffic. That is why it becomes more important to track the count of visitors and conversions on your site.

Ways to track organic conversions

The SEO market is filled with lots of tracking or analytical tools when it comes to tracking conversions. But as per SEO professionals, a Google Analytics tool is one of the ways for tracing conversions through Search Engine Marketing. Here are a few steps that will help you to track conversions through Google Analytics tools which will give you accurate results for analyzing as well. Google Analytics is a free tool that collects all the relevant information about the online actions of active users on a website.

Create A Goal In Google Analytics

First of all, you need to set your priorities or goals to track conversions on your site. If you want to set up your goals go to your Google Analytics standard reports and click on the “Admin” button mentioned in the top right corner. To add goals click on Goals>+ New Goal> select the heads (Destination, Duration, Pages per session and Events) under which you want to set goals for tracking.

Set Up Organic Keyword Conversions

Once you create goals to trace conversions the next thing you need to find those keywords which are driving conversions. To create the Organic Keyword Conversion report, you will need to visit Traffic Sources > Search > Organic and click Customize. The best thing is you can get the complete report, for that adds metrics (such as Visits, Goal completions, Goal conversion rate, and Organic searches) for Report content. Once it’s done you need to add ‘keywords’ in the Dimension Drilldowns section after that you can get an organic keyword conversion tracking report to analyze the keyword conversions.

So the above are some steps that are a must when it comes to tracking organic conversions by using the Google Analytics tool. I hope this blog post will help you to a better understanding of organic SEO techniques. In case if you are facing any issues or difficulties then, I would suggest you can consult with our Digital Marketing Professionals for expert suggestions. If you want more information about SEO services, read our blogs on several topics available at the official website of ProICT LLC.

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