Social Proof Is the Key to Success: The Truth Behind The Statement

What was the last thing you brought from an online store? Was it a dress? Makeup? Food? Or kitchen accessories? Now, you probably brought it because you liked the reviews or got a recommendation from a close friend or family member- but before you will settle down on your firm decision- you may have meticulously searched the entire internet to find some reliable reviews.

In modern days when it comes to buying anything online, consumers just follow the words- whether they are virtual or suggestions form friends, family or peers. Don’t believe our words? In a recent survey on people, ProICT LLC found that out of 100, 70% of the online consumers trust reviews available on the website and social media marketing platforms while remaining one take recommendation from friends and family members. Other data reveals that people tend to buy more from the websites that have a higher number of positive reviews.

These statistics are enough to represent the value of testimonials for business. However, it becomes challenging to keep your hard-earned customers intact as many of them get swayed by the words of mouth. What can be done to keep your valuable customers to yourself?

Social Proof: A Way to Sway Your Clients

After hearing the term “Social proof?” the most common questions that come up to our mind are what is it? How does it work? And how my business is related to it? For now, you need to understand that social proof is just a fancy way to refer truism that people follow the crowd. Social proof has its fair shares of advantages and disadvantages but companies leverage different elements of social proof to build the trust factor with target customers and increase the conversion rate.

So, how do you define social proof online? Some of the most common examples of social proof include:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Online star rating
  • Awards
  • Social media followers
  • Client icons
  • Likes on each post
  • Subscriber count

Well established organizations in the industry utilize two or more tools on their websites. Cutting the long story in short, having the social proof is necessary for your business, after all, it has become make or break factor for your website. Still not believing our words? Then, read out the primary reasons to have social proof on your website. You can also consult with the social media marketing experts at ProICT LLC to learn more about social proof.

  • Social proof gives assurance and builds trust
  • Social proof has the power to influence customer’s opinion
  • Social proof shows customers that you care
  • Social proof differentiate your business from the crowd
  • Social proof can build an effective brand image

I hope these points are enough to knock down the importance of social proof in your mind. If not, you can still ignore a crucial aspect of your business which could save your business from crumbling down in the next few years. To protect your business from walking upon the path of destruction I suggest you start taking the social proof elements seriously. Moreover, if you are facing any issues regarding social proof then, you can acquire social media marketing solutions from ProICT LLC.

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