Social Media Marketing

“Grow your business on the social media platforms that are significant to your customers” _ProICT LLC

Drive website traffic, generate leads and build brand image

At ProICT, we analyze, compare and create social media strategies that promote your brand on different social media channels that is extremely helpful in driving different users to your website which can generate desired marketing results. Our social media solution can help your brand to engage with millions of people that are relevant to your business. Unlike our competitors, our services doesn’t end with running the social media campaigns but continue until our clients start receiving convertible leads from them. Our Digital Marketing Service experts keep an eye on the campaign and track down every single interaction customers make with your brand to provide ROI on your marketing investment.

What makes us the right social media agency for your business?

For us social media marketing campaigns is not just an image or video with some random words but a crucial ingredient of the internal marketing mechanism. It is a significant piece of the digital marketing puzzle that connects people with brand to general successful results. Here are some if the highlights of our social media marketing services:

Goal Orientation

Right before we begin with social media campaigns we analyze the organizational goals. As running a campaign without having goals in mind is wandering in mountains without having a road map- you will end up getting lost in the web of marketing. 

Here are some we ask before developing and running a campaign on social media platforms: 

  • What are you expecting from this campaign? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Where would your target audience spend most of their time? 
  • What message you want to send to your audience? 

Answering these questions will help our experts to develop the right social media strategy for you.

Strategic Message

Our social media specialist thinks that if the content is fire then, social media is the gasoline and together they can spread your message like wildfire. Nowadays, organizations have realized that doing social media marketing is not an option, but the question is how well you do it. At ProICT LLC our designing, content and marketing team work together to come up with the effecting content that can make your social media ads attractive and impressive at the same time.

Social Analytics

As a leading social media marketing agency, we listen, analyze, develop and deploy social media strategies to deliver real-time ROI-oriented results. We carefully collect the social data and analyze it properly to prepare strategies that stay effective for a long-term. Our strategies are the fine mixture of science and art to give your brand the maximum digital miles. Discuss your next project with us and you will see how we can take your campaign to a whole new position.

Community Building

Your brands possess the power to harness online communities and empower them. In the digital era brands believe in adapting modern modes to marketing to spread their words out in the market. Opening up to the native target audience and connect them to covert and exchange ideas were always a very big part of our social media strategies. As the more engaged your target audience will be on the social media, the easier it will be reach your marketing goals on the list.

We market to inform, we market to convert

Yes, we market on the various platforms to cover a wider range of audience. Our social media marketing platforms includes:

  • Facebook

    Facebook offers a friendly environment where our clients can promote their brand creating a business page. Our experts pay special attention to the layout of the page as the visual content plays a huge role in audience experience.

  • Instagram

    Instagram is the platform where you share the visual content to catch the attention of the platform explorers. Our team will help you to updates high quality images, video and stories which will drive more conversion to your website.

  • YouTube

    YouTube is the second largest search engine platform, right after the Google. For our marketing it is more than just the place where people post video content. It is a powerful tool that can enhance your ranking right away.

  • Twitter

    The twitter is one of the most popular social media platform that gives your brand the much-needed exposure on the web. You can promote your products and services by broadcasting your updates across the internet.

  • LinkedIn

    Open new doors of opportunities by exposing your brand on the LinkedIn with the advanced marketing strategies. Our LinkedIn experts will add a great value to your brand by connecting you with the relevant customers who are willing to invest in your brand.

Why you should partner up with ProICT LLC?

When it comes to running a successful social media marketing campaigns, many organizations have no idea how to handle it from paid perspective. And it is certainly not something that works upon one size fits all theory, hence; it is beneficial to team up with our experienced markers to make the most out of your paid marketing campaigns.  Reach out to us to discuss your next marketing project!