Sectors Where Indian Are Breaking All Records

Sectors Where Indian Are Breaking All Records

26 January- a day that comes every year and fills our hearts with the same emotion of patriotism. We all have a number of memories tied to this special holiday that reminds us about the day 1950 when we freed ourselves from the governance of British rule. For many, it is not just a holiday but a day to feel proud as a part of the biggest democracy that represents unity in diversity. To make the more memorable for global clients, ProICT LLC is offering a 20% discount on all the services including-digital marketing, website design services, web development solutions.

As India has managed to secure its place as the fifth-largest economy in the world, we should the heroism of the freedom fighters of India who freed the nation to make it stand where it is today. Not only the IT sector but India has managed to pull it’s in many other sectors as well.

Bill Gates once said, “If we stop employing foreign employees from India then there will be another Microsoft born in India.” India as a sovereign nation no longer hiding into the shadow but is slowly become the superpower that is guiding the world’s spirituality, technology, and rule of unity. In this blog, you will learn about the sectors where Indians are ruling.

Sectors Where Indians Are Ruling

Social media and entertainment

Do you know that out of all, more than 500 million internet users are Indian, making India the second-largest market right below China? This is the main reason why all YouTubers are either making videos on or regarding India to catch the attention of the Indian users.

Netflix also has two million users from India and the organization is investing more in Indian content than it has ever done anywhere apart from the U.S. On the other hand, where Amazon Prime Charges US subscribers around $119 per, it cost only $14.50 to Indian users. Each year thousands of dollars are just tossed around to get the rights for IPL and other cricket matches. All this information proves that fact that India is winning over the media and entertainment industry.

Science and Technology

Indian also has played a crucial role in the development of technology on the global platform. The country itself ranks as the most attractive investment destination for technology transactions in the entire world. From Microsoft to Google some of the biggest companies are run by the Indians. Recently, Alphabet the parent company of Google has appointed Sundar Pichai as the new CEO.

The government of India, making the technology as the priority area and aiming to make its citizens technology-centric. As India holds the 6th position in the scientific publication and the 10th position in for patents, there are higher chances of growth of the technology market in India.

Digital marketing

Every year around, 10,000 organizations from over 70 countries join hands with the digital marketing companies in India. 2019 was another successful year for digital marketing companies in India. Since 2016, the nation is witnessing the rapid growth in the digital marketing sector. According to the government surveys the growth is estimated to be around 50% which on the current basis worth $102 billion. Global clients mostly hire Indian marketing firms for the following services:

Now, you know that India is no longer a developing country but has become a nation that is competing with the world to find its spot in the global market. On the occasion of Republic Day that represents the true spirit of independent India, ProICT LLC wishes you Happy Republic day with 20% of discounts on all the services. Consult with the experts to learn more!


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