Refund Policy

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Refund/ cancellation policy
If a customer is not satisfied with the services and willing request the cancellation of request then, it means he or she has to send a formal mail to info@localhost or they can directly send the request to our official address. Once the request is received, our finance team will deeply analyze the issue and advice you regarding the further process.

In case if the client is facing the issue from our end, then he or she will receive the activation code within the one week of the time of the request submitted by organization’s accounting department. After this action, the money refund policy will be handled by the ProICT LLC team. However, if they don’t receive any email, then their requests are not considered as valid.

Money refund policy
As an experienced software and digital marketing agency, ProICT deals in various services and has adapted different refund policies for the same. For further information kindly refer the below agreement.

If a client request for the cancellation of the project, then ProICT LLC don’t guarantee the acceptance of the refund. We will analyze different factors such as email acceptance, agreement, contract signed electrically of physically between both parties before considering whether we should provide the refund or not.

ProICT LLC is not responsible for reimbursement of any transaction charges made for the project. Moreover, any miscellaneous payment made to the third party will not be refunded by ProICT LLC.

Reason for the cancellation Refund policy Explanation of Refund Policy
Within the 24 hours after acquiring the servicesUp to 90% of the payment amountWe would deduct 10% of the total amount as the payment gateway charges and rest will be refunded by the accounting department.
2-3 days after the paymentUp to 50% of the payment amountWe assign the jobs to the respective team after the payment confirm so, half of the amount will be deducted.
After 3 days from the date of confirmationNo refundNo refund will be provided
If the client pays an extra amount by mistake100% of the extra payment will be refundedWe will refund the 100% extra payment after deducting gateway charges
“I didn’t like the delivered work”No refundWe understand that you have certain goals and we have submitted the work accordingly. However, if you are not satisfied, then let us know what changes need to be there. We will rework, revise and submit it again.
“Submission of work after deadline”50% refundThe respond from your end will be properly evaluated. There is no guarantee of refund here.
“Work rejection”No refundWe are willing to rework again and again until you are fully satisfied with our services. In such situation refund is impossible.
Technical glitchesNo refundNo refund is possible in the technical cases like this as it is beyond the area of our expertise.