Professional Certifications

ProicttrainingProICT is an online certification provider that over the past five years has made a position for itself among the world’s leading Online Certificate providers. ProICT has successfully educated and trained over 750,000 American professionals who upgraded their technical skills. ProICT LLC is a USA basedonline certification provider that aims to provide its services across the globe. It is now establishing a niche for itself in Asia with offices in India and the Philippines.

  • Experienced Instructors

    ProICT Training has one of the largest collection of online programs and courses executed in modules to make it easy for professionals balancing work and study at the same time. Instructors are available across time zones who bring their area of expertise enriched with personal experiences to make the program worthwhile.

  • Studying with ProICT Training

    When you enroll with us, we assign an Instructor especially for you. Introduce yourself to him/her and discuss your expectations from the course. Also take time to get comfortable with our learning management system.

  • Access our Extensive Learning Repository

    We have taken the trouble to ensure that we have one of the richest online repository of information. Our online library is well stocked. You can always access unlimited information, class recordings and presentations.

  • Online programs

    The courseand program list is constantly updated to in-cooperate high demand courses that are trending in the Industry.The courses range from Networking courses like Cisco, Web Programmingin Python, Laravel, Data Science courses like Hadoop, Big Data, Agile, Scrum, PMP, Microsoft Programs, Six Sigma and many more.

  • Live Interactive Online Session with Your Instructor

    Live interaction sessions with your tutor are always interesting. It gives you a chance to interact and solve your queries face to face with the best tutors in the field. All sessions are recorded so you can always catch up with what you missed.

  • Practice makes perfect

    We ensure that you internalize what you are taught by taking extensive quizzes & assignments. The more your do, the easier the concept becomes to understand.You can take as many quizzes as you like whenever you like.

Do you need special attention?

We have a team of expert Teaching Assistants always on standby to help resolve any problems you may have in understanding concepts.The teaching assistants are qualified and supplement where instructors may not be available due to shortage of time.


Need hands on?

Since our instructors are experts from the industry, they bring real world problems for you to practice. These problems require you to use your analytical skills to solve and prepare yourself for the corporate world.

Earn a valued certificate.

Once you complete all the modules and the relative assignments, tests and exams, you earn a recognised certificate that will make it easy to integrate in to your professional life.


Why you should consider studying with ProICT Training

  1. Our classes are delivered live enabling online interaction with instructors.
  2. The lectures can be taken across different platforms Android or iOS App whichever you are comfortable on.
  3. We work on flexible Schedules.
  4. Lectures occur multiple times during the day. You can reschedule the class according to you availability.