PPC Marketing Services

 “Drive more traffic, leads and sales to your business with PPC marketing campaigns, run and managed by ProICT LLC”

Do you know almost 75% of the population search online to find local products and services? Out of these 65% of people instantly find products and service by clicking on the PPC ads that appears on the top. So, if you want to invest it in PPC campaigns, then now is the right time.

ProICT offers easy to manage, cost-effective and highly controllable PPC marketing campaigns that can reserve the top spot on the search engine and digital platforms where you target audience spend most of their time.  Our certified experts are experienced to make data-driven decisions, optimize campaigns and leverage sales funnels to turn leads into long-term clients via best Digital Marketing Services and the related strategies.

We Analyze, merge and optimize landing pages to target audience

It is necessary to link the right landing page to make the most of the paid advertisements. As the industry expert, we knows that if optimized correctly, landing pages can deliver leads you seek form PPC campaigns. Our dedicated Google AdWords team properly analyze the whole website before starting with the PPC campaign to make sure every target page you are optimizing through PPC is ideal for your visitors. This way, the team ensures that when visitor comes, he would only find what he was looking for.

We know what to show, where to show, and how to show it

The world of paid promotion is not limited to the search engine platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo and we are very well aware of that. By analyzing your business, its needs and goals, we select places, platforms where your target audience utilize their free time. We plan, design and execute our optimized Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to obtain real-time opportunities from Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram.

We provide a structured campaigns not just mere ads

Having a proper structure is crucial to make the most out of your PPC ads. Therefore, our experts create the complete structure of the campaign by keeping your realistic lead generation goals in mind. Our in-depth understanding of target keywords is what allow us to give a concrete base to your campaign. Our structure are highly scalable, effective, and easy to modify. If necessary, we can also customize PPC solutions according to your needs and requirements.

Your PPC ads are your fame

Your content is the key element of your PPC ads hence it must be written with utmost accuracy. Professional writers at the ProICT develop PPC advertising content optimizing search terms and keywords that are most relevant to your brand. We believe in capturing the attention of the online searchers within 3 seconds they find our campaign on the search result and keep them intact.

Why Let Proict LLC Plan And Run Your Paid Advertisement Campaigns?

We understand the organizational goals you want to achieve with the custom PPC campaign and we will walk shoulder to shoulder to obtain all of them. Our wide range of cost-effective advertisement solutions will help your business in acquiring higher visibility and more lead generation.

Cost effective

We believe that every organization no matter, how small or big it is deserve an opportunity to compete in the market. Hence, we offer cost-effective PPC services to make sure every individual or organization is in need can acquire them.

Greater ROI

Our PPC service enable your paid campaigns to generate higher sales leads for greater return on investment.

Always ahead in the market

Our professional PPC executive always optimize your campaign to stay ahead in the market, beating all the competitors in different areas of paid campaign.