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New Search Engine Platforms You Can Aim In the Year 2020

What is the first thought comes in your mind when you hear the word “search engine?” – Google, right? This straightforward answer indicates that Google dominates the world of search engines. That’s the reason people use the term behemoth for Google- its algorithms, dominant advertising and the best user experience- are what make the most popular search engine on the earth. But there is also the darker side of Google that you might be aware of.

Almost everyone knows that Google collects the search information of users and shares it with the advertising websites and other parties. However, if you don’t want to trade your personal information for convenience then, there are other search engine platforms who are ready to take the place of Google while delivering a better search experience.

Search Engines You Can Aim in 2020


Yes, I understand that Google has already trailed the Bing in the U.S market but if you take a look at debate then, you might be surprised by that in certain aspects it performs better than the market giant Google.

For the starter, Bing offers the points on every search which you can collect and redeem at the Microsoft and Google stores. It seems like a nice perk, right?

Another feature that makes Bing a better search engine is it works flawlessly across the browsers whereas Google is just optimized for the chrome.

If you ask my opinion the Bing is far better than its rivals. It carries a clean user experience when it comes to video searching without biasing with YouTube. So, if you want, you can go for making Bing your next search engine for search engine marketing services.


Although the name may sound like a children’s book, DuckDuckGo is one of the greatest search engine platforms you can find after Google and Bing. And do you know the best thing about the DuckDuckGo? It doesn’t collect or store any of your personal information. That means you can run your searches in peace without having the worry about your privacy being sacrificed for convenience.

We all have used the wiki how at some points in our lives to collect reliable information. So, we can all trust Wiki when it comes to making searches online. is the best search engine for those who appreciate the community-led answers that are found on Wikipedia.

CC search

If you are searching for the copyright-free content for SEO services then, CC search should be your first priority.

This search engine is simply amazing if you are looking for some high quality for your blogs, some music for your videos and some Gifs to state the common points without worrying about artists coming after you for their royalties.

The way how CC search work is simple- it gathers the results from platforms like Wikimedia, Flickr, and Soundcloud as displays results that are labeled as the creative common material.

Although Google is the most famous platform out there but we still have multiple options when it comes to searching, running advertises and collecting information without compromising privacy.

Many of these search engines provide better results than Google with better user experience. However, if you are aiming to advertise or market your campaigns on any of the above search engines then, don’t forget to hire ProICT LLC at upto 30% discount.

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