New Instagram Feature To Clean Up Your Following List

New Instagram Feature To Clean Up Your Following List

In the digital era of social media, Instagram has grown immensely as a leading social media platform over the years with 2.5 billion active users. As, it allows users to share their photos, videos, stories related to their personal lives and also keep them aware of the latest activities that occur across the world. Since the year 2020 has already started, Instagram is rolling out so many features for a better user experience.

New Following Feature Launched By Instagram

The new following feature launched by In order to bring new traits, Instagram has recently released a new feature that will help users to see the list of people in the following list in several categories. Earlier there are no categories under the head of the following tab, but from now on the users can see few categories with the groups of Instagram accounts you follow into lists such as:

  • you see most often
  • you least interact with
  • sorted by earliest to latest followed

This feature has announced through the official Twitter account of the Instagram team with the statement, “Want to see which Instagram accounts show up in your feed the most and whom you interact with the least? Now you can!” reads the caption. “Just tap ‘Following’ and manage your list from there.”

To create these categories, Instagram uses the user activities you have done in the past 90 days. In terms of calculating interactions, Instagram keeps an eye on the actions of that particular user such as liking and sharing posts, reacting to stories. With this new following category, Instagram aspires to comfort their users and ensures them that whatever counts shown in their feed are true and relevant. Moreover, Instagram users can filter out the noise from their feed by reviewing these new following categories.

Impact on Social Media Marketing

As the feature has just launched a few days back, so it will be difficult to talk about the consequences or impacts on social media strategies. However, this feature has the potential to lead to many lost followers. Now, Instagram users can go with the cleanup operation to purge out the unnecessary Instagram accounts on their following list.

It looks like a more positive and interesting way for users to cut down their Following list as it can lead to more engagement on the particular Instagram handle as well. With opportunities to engage with this update, users will see more content from the accounts for what they really concern about and have more them. Either way, as a marketer, the launch of this feature is important to take note of if you measure changes in total followers and engagement from month to month.

To access these new Following Categories for your own account, just open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile. Just tap on the “Following” tab and you can see the option to group the accounts into different categories.

Therefore, the above is a long discussion ends here and I hope you had learned about the latest changes done by Instagram in the context of avoiding cyber bullying on Social media. If you are still having any doubts or confusion about these updates, or any other query related to Social Media Marketing then, you can consult with the experts of ProICT LLC.

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