Maximize Conversion Values Using Google Defined Bidding Strategies

In digital marketing, nobody knows how many ads you run, what they remember is the impression you have left in their minds. While we talk about Google Ads, it refers to an online advertising platform where advertisers need to pay for their brief ads. It is a very essential aspect of digital marketing strategies for business ROI and conversion values.

Google ads contain informative content, interesting videos and eye-catchy banners and much more. Nowadays, many online businesses are spending their money and efforts on paid ads, but still not getting satisfactory results. The reason behind their failure can be the lack of awareness and marketing strategies. So what they need to do to get desired outcomes from Google Ads?

How Google Ads Work and Help You to Perform Well?

As per studies, if you spend $1 to run Google ads, you can end up on average revenue of $2. You can follow below steps to run a successful Google Ads:

To start Google ads, the first thing you need to do is account creation on Google Adwords and create your campaigns as per your goals. After selecting the name and type of your campaign, choose a specific location where your advertisement is going to display. You can target a small or large area too like an entire country or just a small city.  Set your daily budget and payment options such as manual payments, automatic payments and monthly invoicing.

Here comes the main task which is the selection of keywords, it can be a little tricky and difficult especially for beginners. Advertisers put money on the targeted keyword that is commonly known as bidding strategies. Google will automatically raise the lowest bided ad on the top in order to increase conversion values. Last but not least in ad extension, you have to provide a little description that can help users to understand your business in a better manner.

What Type of Bidding Strategies You can Choose?

In Google ads, beating your competitor is not an easy task. Nowadays so many Digital marketing strategies for business ROI are available for professionals to run an Advertisement successfully. Few strategies are following that can help you to maximize your conversion values:

  •  Manual cost per click (CPC): This strategy provides you complete control over the clicks. You can select your counts of clicks manually for a particular keyword. It can be a good option for an experienced bidder, but not for beginners. If you set a high bid can cause of overspending or wasting of money and time and a low bid amount can cause no clicks that means no conversions. So, this strategy is best suited only for experienced professionals.
  • Enhanced cost per click (CPC): This option is ideal for conversion-based ads that can be a smart way to set your bids. In this strategy, Google automatically increases or decreases CPC bids to get more conversions. It can raise your bids by up to 30 percent to increase conversion values.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) : CAP stands for cost per acquisition also known as conversion optimizer which allows Google to adjust bids according to the target already set by you as an average cost per conversion. Google suggest CP for those advertisers, who can set their own conversion goals only.
  • Flexible bidding: This option is the most preferred strategy suggested by professionals also. It allows you to add more customize and flexible bidding strategies. It also enables you to mix and match bidding rules of campaigning and ad groups. There are five types of flexible bidding strategies that can raise conversions:
  1. Enhanced CPC
  2. Target Search Page Location
  3. Target CPA
  4. Target Outranking Share
  5. Maximize Clicks
  6. Target Return on Ad Spend

In the end, I hope this blog can help you to understand and implement Google Bidding strategies to increase your conversion values. In technical language, these strategies are popular with the name “pay per click advertising strategies” or PPC Strategies.

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