Make Your Halloween Meaningful With the History and Historical Discount

With the sweet aroma of pumpkin latte and chilly fall breeze, we have finally entered into the spooky season where you can finally enjoy the best time of the year. You can feel creepy vibes of the Halloween in the air and might be looking forward to decorating your house, buying an obscene amount of candy and doing the scary movie marathon with your friends and family.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been celebrating it, the Halloween holiday spirit never gets old. After all, it is the time of year when you have an excuse to sip on a boozy Halloween cocktail and eat treats without any worrying about anything in the world. But in the midst of all these parties and enjoyment, don’t forget to look after your business. On the occasion of Halloween, ProICT LLC offers a 20% discount on Digital marketing services in the USA. So, make it a memorable holiday for your business as well by acquiring marketing solutions that will take your business to success.

As the time of Halloween begins to come closer, we often end up wondering why we celebrate this day? What are the stories and beliefs behind this old-fashioned holiday which dates back many, many years? Well, we are about to answer all these questions in this post hoping it will make your celebration more meaningful.

The History behind the Halloween

You all know that each year Halloween is celebrated on the last day of the October which is 31st, but there is one thing you don’t know; the word ‘Halloween’ was derived from ‘hallowed evening’ and in the early European celebrations, it was named as ‘hallows’ eve’. As time changed they shortened this name to ‘Halloween’.

What is the belief behind the Halloween?

The reason why Halloween is celebrated on October 31 is because of the festival “Samhain” which is also linked to the earliest roots of the festival. The day was marked as a pivotal time season begins to change, but apart from that ancient people believed that it is the time when the boundary between the human world and the spiritual world gets blurred, enabling spirits to enter into our world. The same belief is shared by many cultures in the different parts of the world. This is where Halloween got its “haunted” connotations you see today!

Popular rituals of Halloween

Costume making

The festival of Halloween is directly linked to the Celts who lived around 2000 years ago. That time, the “Samhain” (Halloween in the 7th century) used to have so many rituals related to spirits. While there is no clear record of these rituals, many believe that Celts used to celebrate the festival wearing costumes made from skins of the animals as a disguise against real ghosts, enjoy heavy feasts and hang lanterns out. With time, most of these rituals disappeared and those that remained evolved and modernized.

The mythical rituals took the shape of more lightening and fun activities. For example; the concepts of disguising as ghosts became the fun activity where people started to dress up as their favorite characters.

Mirror gazing

Another ritual of Halloween is mirror gazing. On Halloween night, people often gaze at the mirror with the hope of catching the glimpse of their future. If you want to catch the glimpse of your company’s future then, don’t look into the mirror but come to ProICT LLP who will surely provide you the best digital marketing solutions to make your future more bright and promising.

How can you make your Halloween more memorable?

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