Google Analytics Alternatives

Is There Any Alternative Of Google Analytics?

In the modern era of digital marketing, using a website is very crucial for every online business. Many marketing professionals believe that a website works as a backbone for any online business, as it helps to establish credibility as a business. A website is amenable to divert more and more conversions or traffic through various digital marketing techniques.

Online conversions refer to a term that is used for those visitors who turn up into loyal customers. Earlier, the triumph of the SEO strategy depends on the SERP ranking with the relevant keywords. but, now it turns on the count of conversions done through the organic traffic. That is why it becomes more important to track the count of visitors and conversions on your site. However, it can be a very tough job for professionals to trace the details related to users come from traffic.

In order to track conversions, many SEO professionals suggest using Google Analytics, which is a web analytics services by Google. Basically, Google Analytics helps professionals to track and prepare reports based on web traffic and conversions as well. As we know that everything has an alternative or substitute, which also applies to Google Analytics.

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Alternatives of Google Analytics

However, these tools may not be able to offer all of the features of Google Analytics but hey, maybe you don’t need it all anyway. If you are looking for another option then, you should check out the following reciprocates you can use instead of Google analytics.


Matomo is an all-rounder web analytics platform that is specially designed to ensure business owners to get the most conclusive and accurate insights with so many features. You can use it to evaluate the complete user experience of the visitor’s behavior with the help of Matomo’s Conversion Optimization features, such as Heatmaps, Sessions Recordings, Funnels, Goals, Form Analytics and A/B Testing. Moreover, you can enhance your SEO skills, access full Visitor Profiles, and use data-sensitive Tag Manager and much more features.


Woopra is an analytical tool, which provides information for the product, marketing, sales, and helps to track users throughout their experience on the site. It has specialized tracking abilities and more than 50 integrations with products such as Salesforce, Google Ads, Google Drive, Hubspot, and Campaign Monitor. It can do real-time, on-the-fly things like sending a message to a sales Slack channel right when a new user signs up.


Foxmetrics is most effective to store all the raw data like a data warehouse, which can be accessed easily with the ability to generate reports via SQL. You can also use SQL to access your website data and the specific queries to give you the exact information you want in various scenarios and not be tied down to the usually offered reporting. It allows e-commerce companies to do the entire usual track and segment customers, analyze cart abandonment, etc. Moreover, it also helps to optimize pop-ups and customer website surveys.

Therefore, the blog post ends here, I hope that now you use the above substitutes in place of Google Analytics. However, if you want to do it professional manner and looking to hire an expert in digital marketing, I would suggest you visit the website of ProICT LLC as they are severing as one of the best Search Engine Optimization companies in the USA for a long time.

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