Instagram Mistakes That Are Limiting the Growth of Your Business

What was the last time when you posted on Facebook? Yesterday? One week or two weeks back? Well in my case it was 6 months back? Now let me ask another question “what was the last time when you posted something on Instagram? Not long ago, right? If you ask me I do it all the time! @aliceredcliff I post about my home, travel, cat and my office.

The main point of all these things is to inform you that people have started to lose interest in Facebook and slowly they have started to replace it with Instagram. Maybe the change of interest is the primary reason Mark Zuckerberg decided to take over Instagram. As he must have realized that people would start to lose interest after using a social media platform for an extensive period of time.

Currently, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is all set to take over the virtual social media marketing kingdom. Creating a business profile can become an open lottery for your organization as you can easily target the audience that comes from different age groups. In the below post, I will explain how to utilize Instagram opportunities at its fullest without any mistakes.

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram?

When it comes to promoting among the crowd of 1 billion many brands make simple mistakes which can cost them in the form of revenue and profit. These small mistakes can be fixed which can help to further grow your business on Instagram. Let’s dive into some of these mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • There is a lack of engagement: Are you one of those who post with the utmost rush? Although I can understand you are excited about your post but by just rushing it on your profile, you are skipping all the creativity in a hope Instagram will make it popular on their own. Well, let me break it to you. It is not going to happen if you are not putting many efforts into it. The products and services your business offers cannot be conveyed by a single photo.

How to resolve this issue: Don’t be a ghost and replying to the comment is not the only way to engage with your followers. You have to go beyond your way to engage with the users especially the one who shares the common interest in your brand. Your caption should be related to the picture and video you are posting on your profile. Marketers who are providing Social media marketing for a while suggest “the modern-day users don’t like posts captioned with terms like; I love this, nice and so cute.”

  • Wrong use of hashtags: Hashtags are the crucial aspects of Instagram that were created in the first place to give more exposure to your posts. They give you an opportunity to get discovered by the online users who are interested in your posted content.

However, the hashtags are impressive only if you utilize them properly. Adding too much or irrelevant hashtags in your Instagram can damage your brand reputation on Instagram.

How to resolve this issue: There is no defined path to success when it comes to the hashtags. You need to take some time out to analyze which keywords resonate with your brand and lead to more conversion.

Yes, hashtags play an important role in Social media marketing by giving your post more exposure, but don’t rely too much upon them. Similar to Google, Instagram also prefers quality content over hashtag content.

  • You are promoting yourself too much: The main purpose of Instagram is to promote interaction among users. It is more than just a platform where people come and post their images, it is a place where people inspire, promote and support each other by sharing images that are the part of their experience. However, marketers take it in a wrong by doing too much self-promotion. It does nothing but makes you look like a boring and desperate person/brand who is dying for some attention.

Though there are tons of stories and experience to share, hold down the urge to spilling all at once. Continuously seeing five different photos at once can be a turnoff for many people. Let me ask you what was the last time when you posted something funny, lively or sneaky? You probably cannot remember as your stuffing your profile with boring stuff.

How to resolve this issue: Yes, I understand that you created Instagram at the first place to promote your business but you can do it without exaggerating yourself too much. An engaging post that is followed by the caption that encourages reactions is what your brand needs to promote itself.

  • Your polished content is a problem: Both new and established brands create and publish polished videos and content in the hope to capture the attention of the target audience. I understand that it is a noble gesture but it can be counterproductive. For instance; – in a recent survey, ProICT LLC found that the hard work and money you spend on the polished content doesn’t worth it.

How to resolve this issue: Do you know people relate to the authentic post better than promotional post? Therefore, your brand must focus more on sharing real-life content that is related to your brand. Simple is the new trend in the digital market.

You have to choose the right cards to take advantage of the opportunities in hand. If you worked according to your strategy, avoiding these common mistakes, then you can build a loyal community of your followers. However, if you face any issue then, you must consult with the experts at ProICT LLC- the digital marketing company in New York.

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