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Importance of WordPress 5.0 for your new Website

Every single time when a new version of WordPress dices out in the market, the excitement of developers gets all over the bridge. However, any of the previous version of WordPress has not gained as much attention as newly introduced WordPress 5.0 did. So, what is so special about this new update? First; the Gutenberg update and second is also Gutenberg update and by the term Gutenberg “we don’t mean the German guy who wondered the earth back in the 1400s”. The Gutenberg will completely change the way your WordPress editor work. With this new version how people used to create content is going to change radically.

With more than 32.3% of the total website on the planet, WordPress has reserved its place on the list of most powerful web builders. Therefore, big changes like WordPress 5.0 can bring a little stampede among its users but even the most powerful platforms need to move forward with the change or risk losing both market share and user interest. There is no doubt that version 5.0 is a big leap forward and it is not the only update we will witness in 2019. In the below post, we will explain what makes the Gutenberg update more unique in comparison to previous updates. Let’s start the journey to the development world.

Gutenberg or WordPress 5.0 is the far leap than Major Updates

If you are using WordPress for a long time, then you may have realized how much the platform has changed over time. Even small updates played a significant role in bringing a shift and helping it stand on its current position. The updates that deserve honorable mentions here are:

WordPress 4.9: – known as the “Tipton”, this update enabled users to schedule design changes the WordPress customizers so, they can go on the desired dates.

WordPress 4.8: – this update introduced plenty of widget updates to WordPress users. After these updates, users were no longer needed to add their items like audio, video, and images manually.

Another important feature introduced by the 4.8 updates is the option that allows you to check nearby WordPress events from your dashboard which is very useful when you are networking.

What to expect from the WordPress 5.0 update?

WordPress 5.0 is finally here are kicking in some major changes including the most popular “block-based editor” which will be explained shortly.

With the changing time, WordPress is marking its footsteps in the market and willing to change the platform to handle the update release. Previously, the platform used to launch at least two major WordPress release while making mini-updates here and there. But it is all about to change as the core team at the platform is about to change that schedule to take some meaningful leaps. This means the updates you are going roll out after 5.0 will be more meaningful.

Apart from that, several more reasons make WordPress 5.0 an important update are:

  • The platform is moving forward to provide more intuitive side building experience: – In terms of market share, the WordPress already lead the pack and by providing more intuitive side building experience that platform wants to hold market share against new hosted website builders. In other words, WordPress 5.0 update indicates that the platform is not willing to give up its throne anytime sooner.
  • Creating custom themes become easier than before: Right before the update, users need to have some development experience to put together the WordPress custom themes. The Gutenberg update will eliminate the need to have a development background, making theme creation much easier and accessible.
  • It made page builder plugins to lose some relevancy: There are many page builder plugins are available in the market and some of them belong to the rival builders. Gutenberg, in the beginning, might not be able to outrun them but it might dissuade people from using them in the long run.

How to get the most out of WordPress 5.0?

Now, the ultimate question that remains unanswered is how can you make the most out of WordPress 5.0 update? The best way to do it is to get familiar with the basics to learn how you can work around the block-based content editor as it is one of the biggest change introduced by WordPress 5.0. Even though it is easier to learn to work with the new editor, you can always use the cheat sheet to find your way around.

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