Meta Title & Descriptions: The Secret Sauce of Your Website Ranking

Do you know your Meta Tags are the secret recipe to higher ranking? Well, you do now.

A Meta title works as a one-line description that describes your whole webpage content or brand. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization techniques, Meta titles and descriptions are one of the most important things on which you need to focus on. A Meta title tag plays a major role in search engine result pages (SERP) ranking by making bots understand what your page contains?

In today’s blog, we are trying to make you familiar with Meta Title tags and Meta Description’s length. But first, you need to know about the components of Google Snippet and how you can use it for better ranking.

Meta Title and Description For Website

Meta title: It is just like a title for your website snippet and describe in one line about the content or information mentioned on your webpage. Try to create a unique, understandable title that can effectively communicate your page content in one-line.

Web Link: It is a common address of a website or webpage, which specifies the location and the way from where anyone can retrieve the resource or protocol such as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.

Meta Description: A description plays a dominating factor in your web snippet because it contains brief information about your website or webpage.

What is the Term Meta Description?

A Meta description is kind of a short paragraph or description placed in HTML of a webpage that provides a summary of your web page. According to Google, the common length of a Meta description is around 150-160 characters in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So be careful while writing Meta Descriptions for your webpage. Here are a few tips that can help you while writing Description:

Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content: While writing a Meta description, duplicacy of content plays the crucial role in ranking your website or webpage. As we all know that duplication is illegal and punishable and Google may penalize for mass duplicate Meta descriptions. So be sure that you are uploading a unique Meta description for your snippet.

Make it for customers, not for search engine”: Every website is different from others and the same follows for Meta description as well. A perfect Meta description should be customer-friendly so that they can understand the information you want to deliver. Because a Meta description is the first thing visible to the user which describes your web page or website.

Include keywords smartly: If you are working as an SEO professional, then you know the importance of using keywords in the content. Do not include complex and confusing keywords and avoid too many keywords that are commonly known as keyword stuffing. Even the search engine will highlight the keyword in bold, wherever it found the words related to searcher’s query.

Keep it short and include CTA: Try to create a short, informative, impressive and easy to understand Meta description with the word limit provided by the search engine. You can upload your Meta description with the text length up to 155 characters, so write it within the limit and use this word limit to force visitors to click on your web link. You can use word or Google docs to track word count.

CTA stands for the call to action, which can attract and influence customers to click on the link. However, a strong and impactful CTA can guide the customers and it helps to attract more customers.

After reading this blog, I hope now you know how to write an effective and informative Meta Description within the word limit. If you are facing problems while writing a Meta description or any other SEO service, you can take suggestions from the professionals of ProICT. They can help you in IT related services or you can do a market survey for the best SEO service provider company in the USA.

That’s all for today. We will further discuss this topic in the next blog. Until then, you can visit ProICT LLC for further information.

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