Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the website creation depends upon several factors such as custom design, a total number of pages, desired features and functions. It can take around 1 to 4 weeks to custom design depending on the complexity and number of revisions. The development phase will take around 1 to 6 weeks, depending upon the pages, features, and functions you need in your website. Of course, there are deadlines and we work with dedication to meet them all.

Of course, in fact, we appreciate if you see your website on our server and suggest necessary feedback. We will provide you the user name and password so, you can log in and monitor the progress. Once completed we will launch the website on your server.

Yes. Whether you need to create a new website or make some changes in the current one, our designers and developers are always ready to help you out. Contact us today to learn more!

You can directly pay for our software and services through:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Via bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • American express

For the majority of the projects, the most suitable time to finalize the content and images is during the conceptual phase. As the designer will get a brief idea about the amount of content that will be added on the website. If you think that it is too soon, then we design first and finalize the content later.

The configuration of your Google AdWords is simple! Advertisers will bill their ads through Google and the results will be transparent as we will link your Google account to analytics. Hence, you will receive the monthly update.

Google will bill you in every 30 days or you can add credit after reaching the cost threshold whichever comes first.

Several factors affect SEO results. It includes:

  • Competitiveness of your industry
  • If the website is penalized earlier
  • Previous SEO optimizations
  • Quality content on the website

Several competitors in the market are working hard to outrun and negative SEO is one of the most common practices they use to do it. But don’t worry, our experts are equipped with the latest tools and technology to protect your website from malicious attacks. We regularly audit the entire website and immediately submit a disavow request with Google if suspect anything unnecessary.

ProICT LLC has a team of certified and experienced writers who will help you to create relevant and compelling content for your readers. We offer a number of writing services such as web pages, blogs, and articles and edit the existing content on the website. Just consult with our experts to learn more!