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Facts and Fictions About Thanksgiving

A wise man once said that “Thank you is the least thing you can say to God to show for appreciation he has done for you” and there a no better day than Thanksgiving to pay your gratitude toward God.

Commonly known as harvest day, Thanksgiving is the annual holiday of the United States of United kingdom. On this day people celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Although this festival has been celebrated for years there are many who are not aware of the basic facts related to the holiday like they don’t know when was the first thanksgiving? Was turkey was always on the Thanksgiving menu? Or where did the first thanksgiving parade took place? If you are one of those who are also not aware of these thanksgiving facts then, the below post is what you need. Plus, to make the thanksgiving ProICT- a digital marketing agency in the USA is offering 20% discounts on website development and designing, digital marketing, Mobile App Development Services.

When was the Thanksgiving?

There are many stories related to the root of the thanksgiving, out of all one story states that – the celebration of the harvest took place back in 1621 when the English pilgrims at Plymouth plantation shared their meal with the Native American. However, the great historian Michael Gannon disagrees with this fact believing that the first Thanksgiving in North America took place almost a half-century earlier.

When Thanksgiving becomes the national public holiday?

According to the US archives on 28 September 1789, the federal congress passed the resolution asking the president of America to recommend to the nation a day of thanksgiving. A few days after the resolution passed, George Washington issued the proclamation naming Thursday 26 November 1789 as Thanksgiving Day.

However, the dates of the thanksgiving varied as presidents came and go and it wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln became the president of the United States in 1863. He issued a proclamation that stated Thanksgiving should be celebrated each year on the last Thursday of November.

Why did the date of Thanksgiving change?

As per the US archives in 1938 thanksgiving was falling on the last day of the month, which made President Franklin D Roosevelt worried that it will shorten the Christmas shopping season which will directly dampen the economic recovery. Hence, he issued the proclamation moving the thanksgiving to the second Thursday from the last Thursday of November.

32 states agreed and issued the same proclamation but the other 16 states refused to accept it. As a result, for a continuous 2 years, Thanksgiving was celebrated on two different days.

Finally, the confusion was ended by congress on 6 October 1941. They set the last Thursday as the legal day for Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey was there during the first Thanksgiving?

Today, turkey has become the symbol of thanksgiving but have you ever wondered how it got here? If you believe the research of the for the first thanksgiving in 1621 Indian hunted 5 deer and presented them as a gift for the colonists. That means venison was most likely have been the dish of the Thanksgiving Day.

First Thanksgiving Parade

The first thanksgiving parade which is televised nationally on thanksgiving has been marching since 1921. That year, the president of the departmental store decided to organize the 6-mile parade from the Harlem to Macy store in Herald Square. The first parade featured central park zoo animals including the elephants, Macy’s employees dressed as clowns, cowboys, and other fun costumes. The parade was three-time longer than it is today; for the filming purpose, the route was reduced to 2.5 miles.

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