Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is not only about diverting traffic to a brand but eventually changing into valuable customers. To make this possible, we at ProICT LLC offers the complete online marketing packages that will not only help your brand in gaining visibility in the market but also generating potential leads that turn into sales

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“Organic traffic that converts into leads is what matters at the end of the day” The SEO experts at the ProICT LLC analyze, design, develop and deploy strategies that are based on your organizational goals and competitive landscape. Through our in-depth analyze, we ensure that every single time when an online user searches the product or service you are currently offering, your brand appears on the top, beating each and every competitor in the race.

As one of the leading digital marketing company, our experts ensure that all of our SEO strategies are search engine friendly and will not get affected by a future algorithm update. At ProICT, our experts are also ready to help brands who are currently facing algorithm penalty or penalties via best Search Engine Optimization  Services.

Pay per Click (PPC)

With PPC, brands can blend the right keywords to put the right message to serve the right people” Visitors who come through the PPC campaigns are more likely to convert than any other marketing source.  With the team of PPC experts at ProICT LLC, you can optimize the right keywords, and the right message to target the right audience.

Our certified experts have years of experience in running PPC campaigns which will help you to generate potential leads at the least price possible. We analyze keywords, optimize them, design and develop ads to set a PPC campaign that is bound to bring potential leads to your website via professional PPC services.

Social Media Marketing

“Social media is no more a place to communicate but has eventually become a platform people visit before making a purchase decision” As leading digital marketing, ProICT LLC understand that every brand that comes knocking to our door has its unique needs and goals. Hence, we prepare a unique social media marketing strategy for each of our clients to meet their needs, goals and target market.

After serving in the same industry as a leading marketing firm, we know how to take advantage of social media through customer buying cycle enabling our clients to take advantage of one of the powerful digital marketing tools. Right from boosting loyal followers to influencing the audience and turning those into long term customers, our experts will assist through all the aspects of social media marketing.

Content Marketing

“Rich or quality content is the foundation of digital marketing, in its absence marketing is nothing but empty pictures” Give your brand a much-needed boost through creating and engaging content. At ProICT LLC, our professional writers create keyword centric blogs, articles, press release, and infographic to make a strong and captive marketing presence.

Irrespective of the challenges, our writing team can write quality content that will not only promote your brand but also leave a long-lasting impression on the readers, leaving them craving for more. With our marketing strategies, you can access the target customers at every step of the buying funnel.

Conversion Optimization

“Conversion optimization is the tool that can change your visitors into customers” With each year, the marketing pattern is becoming more dynamic, competitive and more intense. Having the traffic at the bottom line is crucial but in order to survive in the cut-throat market, the organization needs sales leads. That’s the situation where you need Conversion Optimization services offered by ProICT LLC. Our experts optimize conversion rate to ensure you are generating a good ROI from your marketing efforts.

Our experts deeply analyze the conversion rate of your website on the basis of design, content, feature functionality, information architecture, and CTA relevancy and make the necessary updates. We mainly focus on securing the payment gateway and make sure your potential clients are very well aware of it.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

“In this digital era, your market reputation represent your work environment” In the absence of reputation is a very unlikely task to grab the attention of potential clients. So, in short, having a good online reputation is very crucial to complete your digital marketing chain. Without it, your digital marketing efforts are bound to get into drains.

The reputation management team at ProICT LLC, develop reputation management strategies that build a positive recognition for the brand and give digital marketing efforts a proper shape. We do market research to find what is being said about your brand on different online platforms and take actions to suppress the negative commend to minimize the damage.