Design A Landing Page That Engages And Converts Customers

How to Design A Landing Page That Engages And Convert Customers?

Spending sleepless nights to come up with the steady conversion strategies for your landing page just to find that success rate is equal to none? Well, you are not the only one that is going through the ultimate struggle. Here, at ProICT LLC, we witness hundreds of clients going through the same situations and asking for the solution.  In fact, most of these requests come from website owners who are failing to converts visitors through their landing.

Here the actual challenge is to figure out what design and Search Engine Optimization Strategies might work for your website.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are creating a highly convertible landing page is to find out what elements exist in other successful landing pages and add the same in your target page(s). Here are some examples from which you can pick out some references for your own landing page:

Points to Design A Landing Page That Engages And Converts Customers

Keep the key information on the top

Do you know that people track the information in an ‘F’ pattern? In other words, it means the top section of your landing page is the first thing they pay attention toward. Therefore, you need to come up with the best images, banners, and buttons to post on the top of your page. Here what you need to understand that, many don’t scroll down very far and often leave after spearing a glance at the banner of the page. So, if you failed to grab their attention when they land at your page then, you will fail to convert them as well.

Come up with attention-grabbing headings

If you have been writing for such a long time, then you may know how important the headings are. In the content world, headings have the power to capture the attention of the scrollers and drag them to the content page. That’s why you should always take great care when it comes to creating headings for the landing pages. It is the element people pay attention to before clicking on the link that will take them to the landing page.

Remember that a heading is never good until it is short, crispy and attention-grabbing. You can also use odd numbers in the title to rank higher on the search engine.

Use highly relevant images, Gifs, and videos to clear your point

The secret is out! Everyone knows that images, gifs, and videos both in front and background are effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of the readers. But their effects can be further enhanced if they are relevant to the content you are using with them. For landing pages, you can use images and videos to demonstrate how your products and services work in the real world. This will no space for doubts and increase the trust of customers over the products and services.

Gain trust with awards and badges

Adding certifications, awards and trust badges are significant to represent a good reputation of your organization in front of the visitor which can further increase the conversion. Moreover, when it comes to adding batches, you must add only those batches that are universally trusted. For example; – BBB and Verisign are globally recognized batches.

Designing and optimizing landing pages is not a child’s play. You have to start with the basics to advance to understand how people scroll through a landing page finally deciding whether they want to invest or not.

But sometime in the hassle of business, it often becomes challenging to create the landing page on your own. That’s why ProICT LLC is here to offer Website Designing Service at an affordable cost. You can totally rely upon the experts at the website to perform the task with the utmost professionalism. For more details, feel free to visit the website.

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