Content Marketing Trends 2020

Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2020

While implementing Digital Marketing Strategies, as it is required for every single marketing campaign. Many professionals consider content as a king of the digital marketing domain. Content is not just for filing the webpages, it enables professionals to communicate or convey information to the audience. Good content should deliver the right message related to a brand and reach out to the millions of hearts and minds of the customer.

That is why Content Marketing is one of the best ways when we talk about promoting a brand through online marketing. It will help professionals to increase brand awareness and drives more traffic towards a website. As the New Year 2020 has started, many content marketers are seeking new and impactful Content Marketing Tactics for brand promotion. If you are also looking for new strategies, then you should read this blog first. This blog post will allow you to learn about some content marketing techniques to better utilize the content in the marketing campaigns as well.

Content Marketing Strategies For Brand Promotions

User Generated Content (UGC)

Have you heard about the most popular share a coke campaign initiated by coca-cola?

Through this campaign, the brand tries to build a strong relationship with new and existing customers as well. The “Share a Coke” campaign took off all over the world with the bottles having common US names on the label. The brand increases the popularity and customer interaction also, after starting this share a coke with the campaign. Recently Cadbury also initiated “donate your words” campaign, which has also gained so much popularity in the middle of customers.

I hope now you can better understand the term UGC with the above examples. It refers to generate more customer-friendly content that will help the brand to interact with users. It can be social media posts, comments, suggestions forms too. User generated content works as an effective marketing strategy that builds a trustful and friendly relation between customer and brand. That is why professionals prefer to use more creative and customer-friendly content while running marketing campaigns.

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Content and Voice Devices

Nowadays using voice devices is no longer optional, because every single person is using voice technology like Amazon Echo, Cortona, Siri and Google Home in their smart devices. However, using several voice-activated devices for content marketing is very popular and trending in the market especially for the youth. According to a survey report, 78% of the total population of the United States use smart voice recognition devices in their homes and offices also.

Voice searches play a huge role in user searches even many people use voice recognition features most in the comparison of typing it manually. When a user conducts a voice search instead of typing it manually, it allows the user to get a better experience of internet surfing. Because of this top brands realize the value of voice based content and starts implementing voice search technology along with searches via texts.


In the past couple of years, podcast marketing is the new trend in the Digital Marketing world. Podcast refers to the set of digital audio files containing information that is available on the internet platforms for users. As per the survey reports, the number of podcast listeners has increased three times within the last decade and this number is growing as time goes on.

Because of the popularity, so many leading brands are using this marketing as it can contribute to niche marketing and helps to establish their brand credibility within the field of expertise.

At the end of this blog, I hope the above content marketing strategies will help you to learn the tactics to rule the digital marketing world in the year 2020. You can read our more blog posts based upon various Digital marketing strategies. In case, if you will find any confusion, you can have a word with the marketing professionals of ProICT LLC. They are one of the leading Digital marketing service providers in the USAalso loved by their happy customers.

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