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PHP Frameworks: Make Web Development More Facile

In connection to our earlier blog post which was titled “Top PHP Frameworks That Rules Web Development Industry”. In our previous blog post, you had read the basic definition of PHP framework, why it is important for web development services, and also get familiar with few PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony and Phalcon.

In this blog, we will continue our previous discussion related to remained PHP frameworks, so let’s start our exchange of views on left PHP frameworks:

Various PHP Frameworks Are As Follows:


CakePHP released in the year 2005, is the oldest Framework and still is the most used and popular framework after the release of other latest versions of PHP frameworks. It is one of the easiest frameworks because of its CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) methodology which allows you to design or develop visually impressive, attractive websites with lots of features.

The best advantage of using CakePHP is its security features including SQL injection prevention, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, and cross-site scripting (XSS) protection.


Another framework is there which is more than a decade old named Codelgniter released in the year 2006. It can be the best choice if you need a lightweight framework because it is only 2MB in size and easy to download and install.

As you know that it also based on MVC-based architecture which enables you to use inbuilt security tools, simple and excellent documentation and also able to create or develop scalable apps. Due to its size, simple setup process and highly illustrated documentation, it’s ideal for beginners to design lightweight applications on modest servers.


Yii (which stands for “Yes, it is!”) another old PHP framework, which was launched in the year 2008 and lost its popularity after the release of Symfony and Laravel framework. It has a code generator called Gii which includes many features that are essential to developing modern web applications.

Yii is a universal web programming framework as it is suitable for all kinds of Web Application Development. This framework is highly extensible and provides you excellent speed and avoids the complexity of writing repetitive SQL statements as well. As per professionals, the documentation of the Yii framework is much better and easy to use as compared to other PHP frameworks.


Many professionals recognize Zend as a glue framework because of its component-based nature. It is an object-oriented, Model View Controller (MVC) framework that allows you to ignore irrelevant things and only upload components or functions you need as an individual library.

Zend is a little difficult to learn, which makes it ideal for seniors or expert developers to design or develop any website on Zend. If you want to design your website or application on the Zend framework, it is better to hire an experienced Web Developer (especially Zend development professional) to perform this task efficiently.

In the end, I hope that both blogs may help you to understand all PHP frameworks and allow you to work on it comfortably. I know you will face so many issues while working on any PHP framework as well. However, to resolve your issues or queries you can take advice by the professionals available at ProICT LLC. They are a one-stop destination for all IT services and the best Web Development Service Provider in USA.

Ecommerce Website Designing

Tips To Design An E-Commerce Website From Scratch

Having a busy schedule is the most critical issue in every other person’s life these days. Nowadays, a busy schedule seems to be an inseparable part of life as a result of this, business owners have also started shifting their businesses on various online platforms.

However, having an e-commerce website is the ideal way to promote your business 24/7. To build an attractive e-commerce site, you need to employ a website development professional who can work for you. If you are one of those individuals who want to learn how to build an e-commerce website, then this blog is just for you.

Steps to Design an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce business is gaining everyone’s’ attention as well as customers also prefer shopping online through websites or applications on their mobiles and laptops. In simple terms, e-commerce is the platform where you can buy and sell products or services through an online portal which is essential because of our hectic schedule. Following are some tips that will professionals to build an eye-catchy and effective website:

Select a domain name and hosting 

Before you start developing your website, you need to choose the domain name and web hosting package. To build your brand, you need to find a unique domain name that defines your business so that people acknowledge your brand whenever they heard about your business.

Usually, people got confused while selecting hosting for their site because of so many options available in the market such as Shared hosting, Virtual private server (VPS) hosting, Dedicated server hosting, Cloud hosting, managed hosting, etc. You can do a market survey and select the best suited for your business.

Design your theme and add your products 

Once you decide your hosting package and domain name, next thing you need to design a theme that will help to design an attractive and eye-catchy website template. There are thousands of themes available to style your site for a better user experience. A website theme considers as an overall look or presence of your website which includes color schemes, designs, and patterns.

After finalizing website layout, now it’s time to include products and services which you are offering. As everyone knows simplicity attracts the audience, try to keep it as simple as you can while designing your website template.

I think that’s all for today we will further continue the same topic under another blog post. Until then you can visit the website to read our more blogs. However, if you are facing any difficulty or confusion, then you can consult with our experts available at ProICT LLC, which is the one-stop destination of all web development and designing services within your budget as well.


Creating Your New Website? Be Sure To Add These Web Pages

Whether you believe it or not some of the pages on your website are more important than others. Maybe most of you are aware of this but the fact only a few applies it to enhance the conversions. We understand that it can be complicated to decide which page is more important for your visitors. So, here is the trick, you need to ask the following questions you need to ask whiling determining which pages to add on your website:

  • What is the purpose of the page on your website?
  • How it will help in your digital marketing strategy?
  • Is there a need to add privacy policy page?
  • Do I need to add blog page?

When it comes to developing your web pages there is a particular set of pages your website should have to rank on the search results. What we are about to explain in this blog is how your pages have potential to improve your side dramatically.

Significant Pages Your Website Must Have

Home Page: Home page is the face of your website and the very first page many people witness when visiting your website. Therefore, your homepage should always tell a story about your business, like what it does, and accomplish it has achieved so far. The content you have added or about to add on your homepage must be intriguing to capture the attention of the visitors. Apart from the content, your home page should be well-designed and optimized to showcase the proficiency of your business. As per the studies a visitor maximum spend around 0.5 seconds on a website before moving to the next website. So, you have got only got 4 seconds to impress them by representing yourself through the best web development service provider.

About us page: When people come forward to join hands with other person, whether it is about relationship or the working partners, they want to learn a bit more about them. The about us page on the website is the second most visited page after the home page. As an information page, the about us must contain a brief summary of who you are, what you do, the history of your company and what isolate you from the rest of the crowd.

Service/ product pages: This page(s) are significant from the SEO prospective as well. While creating the service or product pages on your new website you should always start with a small description that describe your product or services. In case, if your services are vast, then try to divide them into the sub sections to make it simpler to read, comprehend and add links where readers can find more information.

Contact us page: You contact us page is very crucial for your website as it show the path through which your valuable customers can reach you. It is also important to add your email ID, phone number and physical mailing address on the contact us page and the footer of all the pages. There are some companies who prefers to have contact form on the website rather than showcasing their email address to prevent spam.

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Other pages you can add in your website: Depending on what type of website you are creating for your business, you can also add the following web pages:

  • Search result page
  • FAQ page
  • Events page
  • Sitemap page

However, if you are still facing some issues while creating new pages for your website, then consult with experts at ProICT- a website development company in the USA.




Reasons to Have Mobile-Friendly Website In 2019

What was the last time when you searched for something online? Not a while ago, right? So, here comes the main question, what are you using to make the daily or weekly basis searches? Desktop or mobile device? If you are just like the rest of the 80% of the internet users, then you are probably searching on the smartphone or tab from the comfort of your home- right?

In fact, according to the survey in 2018, 80% of people on average spend around 5 to 6 hours a day and we are not talking about all the videos people search on YouTube. So, whether you have already accepted the mobile-led change or looking for more justifications before investing in web development services to import your website to responsive design, this post will answer all your queries at once. With this post, you will also explain why both traditional and modern website should adapt the mobile-friendly design in 2019.

The Main Difference Between a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website

Now, right before we move further with our journey, it is important to clarify the basic difference between the mobile-friendly and responsive website. Often people use these terms interchangeably but the truth is both terms are not entirely similar. The main difference between these two terms lies into the down to the layout of information.

The mobile-friendly website is designed to shrink out the layout of the website to fit the size of the mobile devices. This adjustment in the layout often lead to the poor user experience and result in the bothersome task of zooming in and out to read every information available on the website. On the other way around, responsive websites are designed to automatically restructure the website according to the size of the device it is running upon. In short, you can say that all the responsive websites are mobile-friendly but not all the mobile-friendly websites are responsive websites.

Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Website for Your Business

To make sure, your message is rendered properly to your target based audience despite devices they are using to access your website, it is best to go with the responsive website. Here are the deeper reasons why?

Search engine actually care about the design of your site: If you are living and running your website in the under the shadow of search engines, then you must be well-aware of the strong algorithm updates that can turn your whole world upside down. Back in 2015, when Google rolled out the algorithm to priorities the mobile-friendly websites over desktop websites, many high ranking websites fell down with a loud thud overnight!

At the end of the day, the point is Google believe that Mobile websites are the future of digital marketing and plus, they want to deliver the best experience possible to its users. In the upcoming time, Google is also thinking about changing its current indexing model to “mobile-indexing” to give more significant to mobile-friendly websites.

Beat the competitors in the race: When it comes to market, there is always a never-ending war between brands, each of them fighting for the attention of the online visitors. Nowadays, brands are going beyond their limits to deliver a great user experience to their visitors. So, how are you going to compete with others when you can’t deliver a better user experience to your website visitors? By investing in website development services, you are not securing your customers but also winning over the customers of your competitors.

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A responsive website is “future-proof”: With each passing day, the internet is becoming more accessible around the globe. Now, with more than 1.2 billion people making searches through their mobile devices the future of your mobile-website is bright. As the internet goes with the crowd rather than going with the tech, shifting your website on mobile-friendly design.

In the end, the mobile website is just an aspect of having a successful website. To make your website mobile-friendly, you can always consult with the ProICT LLC- the top Website Development Company in the USA.



What Makes Python The First Choice For Developing A Business Website?

“The coding is joy when it has short, concise and readable classes that can express various actions in small codes. Python being the high-level programming language can fulfill all of these requirements”.

Finalizing the right coding language for your next development project can be a nerve-wracking task. It is a big decision and you have plenty of programming languages on your mind but out of all only a few of them can meet your development goals. As a leading web development company, here at ProICT, we believe that Python is our primary language for back end web development process.

What do People Think About Python?

Although the Python has already won the hearts of worldwide developers due to its amazing features, many still consider it as an old-fashion programming language. Yes, we cannot neglect the fact that Python has been around for such a long time and that’s why it got its nickname “80s language” but have you ever thought why it is still around the corner? Because it survived and because it works!

The language is ruling the development world with the latest 2.0 version so, why shouldn’t you use it for your own development purposes?

Benefits of Going with Python?

If you are still living the hazy world and reconsidering to use Python for the web development services then, here are some of the best advantages that might change your traditional opinion.

Python is easy to learn: Without stressing too much, let’s start by confronting the fact that Python is an “easy to learn” language for beginners. Don’t believe us? Ask any developer in your circle and he or she will tell you the very same thing.

Now, is it worth to learn the Python? Yes!

You can compare it by yourself. Now, when you compare the Python with other programming languages, you may find that among the all, Python is the easiest programming language for beginners. But just because it is good for beginners doesn’t mean that advanced users cannot use it for development purposes.

What makes Python an ideal language? Almost everything! The thing is Python makes everything so much easier and less complicated. So, you can do whatever you want in a much simpler way.

You can achieve more functions with less coding: Unlike other programming languages, Python gives you the freedom to achieve more functions with less coding. What is the benefit of this? Well, you can build the rudimentary game with the basic coding. Amazing, right? The language has gained a special place among the rookies with its readability and efficiency.

Python can tolerate basic mistakes: Do you know that the majority of the programming languages are not good when it comes to forgiving basic mistakes? Fortunately, Python is so kind. Python web designing and development is just wow not because of its readability feature but also because the code doesn’t break when you make common mistakes. These features makes the Python more reliable language for your development projects.

Python is what you need for Prototype: As we have already got the fact that it takes less time to build anything with Python than other programming languages, simply because you need to write fewer lines of codes to create a function. Now, with that fact in mind, Python is the best language to build prototypes.

Now, along with Python, if you are ready to learn about WordPress 5.0 update, then read our related post.

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The language you can afford on a tight budget: When it comes to choosing a programming language, many consider a language they are comfortable with, which often depend upon their knowledge and expertise. However, if you are on a tight budget when acquiring web development solutions, then Python is the way to go. Its readability, flexibility and less coding make it an ideal language for the startup and medium-size businesses.

Python is the language that you can always find in the corner of the room- and for all the good reasons. Not only it is the best language for a beginner but it also makes coding a lot easier and quicker. Now, with all the above advantages, if you still thinking that it is an old-fashion language, then my friend, you have a lot to catch up in the digital world!

WordPress 5.0 Theme

Importance of WordPress 5.0 for your new Website

Every single time when a new version of WordPress dices out in the market, the excitement of developers gets all over the bridge. However, any of the previous version of WordPress has not gained as much attention as newly introduced WordPress 5.0 did. So, what is so special about this new update? First; the Gutenberg update and second is also Gutenberg update and by the term Gutenberg “we don’t mean the German guy who wondered the earth back in the 1400s”. The Gutenberg will completely change the way your WordPress editor work. With this new version how people used to create content is going to change radically.

With more than 32.3% of the total website on the planet, WordPress has reserved its place on the list of most powerful web builders. Therefore, big changes like WordPress 5.0 can bring a little stampede among its users but even the most powerful platforms need to move forward with the change or risk losing both market share and user interest. There is no doubt that version 5.0 is a big leap forward and it is not the only update we will witness in 2019. In the below post, we will explain what makes the Gutenberg update more unique in comparison to previous updates. Let’s start the journey to the development world.

Gutenberg or WordPress 5.0 is the far leap than Major Updates

If you are using WordPress for a long time, then you may have realized how much the platform has changed over time. Even small updates played a significant role in bringing a shift and helping it stand on its current position. The updates that deserve honorable mentions here are:

WordPress 4.9: – known as the “Tipton”, this update enabled users to schedule design changes the WordPress customizers so, they can go on the desired dates.

WordPress 4.8: – this update introduced plenty of widget updates to WordPress users. After these updates, users were no longer needed to add their items like audio, video, and images manually.

Another important feature introduced by the 4.8 updates is the option that allows you to check nearby WordPress events from your dashboard which is very useful when you are networking.

What to expect from the WordPress 5.0 update?

WordPress 5.0 is finally here are kicking in some major changes including the most popular “block-based editor” which will be explained shortly.

With the changing time, WordPress is marking its footsteps in the market and willing to change the platform to handle the update release. Previously, the platform used to launch at least two major WordPress release while making mini-updates here and there. But it is all about to change as the core team at the platform is about to change that schedule to take some meaningful leaps. This means the updates you are going roll out after 5.0 will be more meaningful.

Apart from that, several more reasons make WordPress 5.0 an important update are:

  • The platform is moving forward to provide more intuitive side building experience: – In terms of market share, the WordPress already lead the pack and by providing more intuitive side building experience that platform wants to hold market share against new hosted website builders. In other words, WordPress 5.0 update indicates that the platform is not willing to give up its throne anytime sooner.
  • Creating custom themes become easier than before: Right before the update, users need to have some development experience to put together the WordPress custom themes. The Gutenberg update will eliminate the need to have a development background, making theme creation much easier and accessible.
  • It made page builder plugins to lose some relevancy: There are many page builder plugins are available in the market and some of them belong to the rival builders. Gutenberg, in the beginning, might not be able to outrun them but it might dissuade people from using them in the long run.

How to get the most out of WordPress 5.0?

Now, the ultimate question that remains unanswered is how can you make the most out of WordPress 5.0 update? The best way to do it is to get familiar with the basics to learn how you can work around the block-based content editor as it is one of the biggest change introduced by WordPress 5.0. Even though it is easier to learn to work with the new editor, you can always use the cheat sheet to find your way around.

Get professional web development services from expert web developers of ProICT LLC. We are 24*7 available for clients regarding any query.