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Tips To Design Attractive Portfolio For Your Company

A well-written company’s profile can increase the possibility of having genuine customers to gain new business and expand your network. The company’s profile is also known as a portfolio that can help an organization to portray the history, upcoming activities, and information of products and services they are offering. Every business requires an impressive portfolio to broadcast its working summary and projects to earn customer faith and also promote their name.

However, the website is similar to the portfolio, but it contains much information which is time consuming for viewers. That is why Website designing professionals start designing an online portfolio that enables the user to learn more about your products or services and the process behind the closed doors used for the end-product. In this blog post, we will uncover some tips to design an attractive portfolio and why they are important, what to include, and much more.

Why a Company Needs an Online Portfolio?

Since the website promotes a business 24/7, creating an online portfolio can be a great way to get new customers and establish your brand on the internet. It is like online brochure products, services, and achievements and creates a good reputation of your company in the middle of customers.

Even professional website designers also said that an online portfolio enables users to learn good facts about your business and what kind of quality products you are serving to your current customers. You can use it as a business strategy to show the growth of the company to bring possible investors and shareholders who can invest in your business too.

What to include in a portfolio?

To design an imposing portfolio try to keep the structure as simple as you can and must include the following elements in the portfolio.

Introduction or about us page

The first thing you need to provide a short overview or a business profile that describe your company Never forget to add your company’s mission and vision, company’s history, founders, description of what your company offers and their further business intents., number of employees and locations where you provide services.

Achievements and projects 

Here comes the most important part of your portfolio that is a brief description to showcase the previous projects you have done. Usually, professionals try to highlight the project and achievement section because of this what attracts a customer the most. Showcase all the best work you have done and the feedback you received from your happy clients.

Contact information is a must

Your portfolio will serve as a reliable channel of communication among your audience, so do not forget to include your social media profile links and contact information. This will help potential customers to interact with you, who want to avail of your services or products. A contact page must include your business location, professional e-mail address, phone number, and a simple contact form.

At the end of the blog, I hope this blog will help you and I would like to suggest you keep your company’s portfolio updated all the time so that customers can see your latest achievements and can come to you.

If you want to learn more about Website Designing and Development, you can visit the website to read our more blogs. Individuals who are facing any difficulty or confusion while creating your online portfolio can consult with our experts available at ProICT LLC, which is the one-stop destination of all web development services and fits in your budget as well.

Design A Landing Page That Engages And Converts Customers

How to Design A Landing Page That Engages And Convert Customers?

Spending sleepless nights to come up with the steady conversion strategies for your landing page just to find that success rate is equal to none? Well, you are not the only one that is going through the ultimate struggle. Here, at ProICT LLC, we witness hundreds of clients going through the same situations and asking for the solution.  In fact, most of these requests come from website owners who are failing to converts visitors through their landing.

Here the actual challenge is to figure out what design and Search Engine Optimization Strategies might work for your website.

One of the best ways to ensure that you are creating a highly convertible landing page is to find out what elements exist in other successful landing pages and add the same in your target page(s). Here are some examples from which you can pick out some references for your own landing page:

Points to Design A Landing Page That Engages And Converts Customers

Keep the key information on the top

Do you know that people track the information in an ‘F’ pattern? In other words, it means the top section of your landing page is the first thing they pay attention toward. Therefore, you need to come up with the best images, banners, and buttons to post on the top of your page. Here what you need to understand that, many don’t scroll down very far and often leave after spearing a glance at the banner of the page. So, if you failed to grab their attention when they land at your page then, you will fail to convert them as well.

Come up with attention-grabbing headings

If you have been writing for such a long time, then you may know how important the headings are. In the content world, headings have the power to capture the attention of the scrollers and drag them to the content page. That’s why you should always take great care when it comes to creating headings for the landing pages. It is the element people pay attention to before clicking on the link that will take them to the landing page.

Remember that a heading is never good until it is short, crispy and attention-grabbing. You can also use odd numbers in the title to rank higher on the search engine.

Use highly relevant images, Gifs, and videos to clear your point

The secret is out! Everyone knows that images, gifs, and videos both in front and background are effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of the readers. But their effects can be further enhanced if they are relevant to the content you are using with them. For landing pages, you can use images and videos to demonstrate how your products and services work in the real world. This will no space for doubts and increase the trust of customers over the products and services.

Gain trust with awards and badges

Adding certifications, awards and trust badges are significant to represent a good reputation of your organization in front of the visitor which can further increase the conversion. Moreover, when it comes to adding batches, you must add only those batches that are universally trusted. For example; – BBB and Verisign are globally recognized batches.

Designing and optimizing landing pages is not a child’s play. You have to start with the basics to advance to understand how people scroll through a landing page finally deciding whether they want to invest or not.

But sometime in the hassle of business, it often becomes challenging to create the landing page on your own. That’s why ProICT LLC is here to offer Website Designing Service at an affordable cost. You can totally rely upon the experts at the website to perform the task with the utmost professionalism. For more details, feel free to visit the website.


The Ultimate Guidance for Designing an Eye-Catchy Logo

Never design a logo for your brand, design it for people who are associating with your brand. Designing a logo is not an easy task, you need to do so much market research to create it. A strong logo reflects your business objectives and it comes with answers of questions like what you are, what you want to achieve, which services you are offering and much more.

If you want an impressive and impactful logo for your brand, then you should take help from Web Designing professionals. Today in this blog, you will learn a few tips about how to design an effective logo that describes your brand and your goals.

Why you need a logo?

A company’s logo describes its prosperity and prestige that means a logo can make or break your business market reputation. It reflects the company’s determination or motive and sends the right message to their targeted audience.

A logo is not just an image or a design, it is like a public face of your brand which defines “what you are actually?” in front of your customers. You can include symbols, stylish fonts, a unique color scheme and a small tagline that reflect your goals in your business logo.

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Elements need to include in a logo

As I said earlier a logo is a very important part to present or promote your brand. If you are a beginner in logo designing then experimenting with logo templates can be a good start for you. Here are a few suggestions for you in order to design a strong and impressive logo to describe your business:

  1. A unique design that expresses your brand 

Every business differs from another which means they logo designs also need to differ. Be sure while designing your brand’s logo, it should be a unique, impressive, and eye-catchy design that looks like a mirror of your business. A logo defines the nature of your business, what product or services you are offering, and for what you stand in the market.

To design a unique logo, you need to do so much market research and try to be more creative and design an impactful, effective and unique logo to represent your brand in the market.

  1. Choose font or typeface carefully

A stylish and unique typeface is the thing that is firstly visible in your logo design. While a designer designs a logo, sometimes they made a huge mistake by not paying attention to the font decided for a brand’s logo. The font needs to be interesting and impactful that complete and complements your logo design.

For example, if you going to design a logo for kids’ related stuff, you should choose funny or handwritten font style because kids loved a lot these types of things and easily got attracted. The above example shows the importance of font style in your logo design, so be a little choosy while selecting a typeface for your logo.

  1. Include interesting color combinations and gradients 

Colors play a very critical part of our life because our mind believes in whatever we saw. According to a survey, 13% of the logos have Yellow or Gold color, 28% have black, silver or grey, 29% have red and 33% of logos have a blue theme.

Every color has their own identity, for example, red color express aggression, passion and strong energies, but on the other hand blue color is the symbol of depth, loyalty, stability, professionalism, and positive energies. So be careful while selecting color themes or you can different shades of the same color to create a crafty effect in your logo.

Picture 1

  1. Never complex your logo design, keep it simple

If you want a logo that will easy to remember then simplicity is the key component to design a memorable logo for your brand. You can use tiny pictures or specific symbol which represent your brand like Apple’s logo is made by an apple with a bite, Pepsi logo is made by using two colors, Twitter’s logo has a blue bird and many more examples are there around you.

According to ProICT LLC, designing a logo with simplicity is the most difficult part of designing. So ensure that your logo carries its own identity with simplicity at the same time it represents your brand too.

Final words

At the end of the blog, I hope now you have comprehend things to consider while designing a unique, simple, impactful, color-coordinated logo with an interesting typeface that also represents the brand in the market. If you still facing issues while designing a logo, you can consult with professionals at ProICT LLC or hire website designing service provider company to resolve your issue(s).


Use These Best Web Designing Strategies for Building the Successful Website

Web design is not about clicking few buttons in Photoshop, it is an art that combines multiple skills – right from the typography to copyrighting to layer creation- all merged together to create a design that doesn’t only look pleasant but also function well. However, to merge all of these key elements together, you need a master plan that will guide you in each and every step toward a mutual goal. And you must think strategically to come up with the master plan. In the below blog, you will learn how to use strategic design to create a successful website. Moreover, you can always acquire website designing services for businesses to cut the hassle and save both time and money.

What is the Strategic Design?

Strategic design is like a fusion where your organizational goals are merged with the design goals to accomplish an interface that doesn’t only look good and function well but will also help to accomplish a common objective. There are various companies out there whose websites look classy and support the latest trends yet fail miserably when it comes to serving their actual intentions.

Of course, trends are important as they give your design a freshness, inspiration, and style but implementing these elements you need planning and intelligence. For instance; you can’t consider a blog as a marketing brochure; you cannot prioritize style over the readability and usability of the content. Similarly, a promotional website should prioritize graphics and style over how it feels.

The Role of Strategic Design in Interface Creation

When a professional designer creates an interface only on the look and feels without considering how it would function, then it is very unlikely to be effective. Web design is all about creating an interface that communicates, function and exudes the right feeling and message. Tuning all these elements can be a challenging task but if done following the best web designing strategies, you can surely identify organizational objectives to guide your design.

How to Implement Strategic Design

Let’s spare a glance at steps to implement strategic design into a business website:

Establish the goals you want to achieve: First thing you need to do before starting up with a design project is to identify the goals of your organization or client. Do you need to figure out what you want to accomplish with the design? What is the purpose of this design? If you don’t know it yet, then it needs to be discussed on the table as the clear direction is necessary to give your design the much-needed purpose.

Here what you need to understand is the website is not the piece of art; it actually serves an objective. Moreover that objective can be anything from selling the products to entertainment, providing information and access to the services. No matter, what the objective is, your design must serve it well. Having goals are no doubt important, especially when you are redesigning hence; try to keep it in front of your eyes while designing.

Identify your audience: Your audience plays a key role in determining how your design should look and function. There are several demographics such as age, gender, and profession that can influence your design. For example, a video game website will be designed to target a young audience than other businesses. Usability here makes a big difference between the more and less tech-savvy people.  Therefore, you must consider the audience while designing the interface of your website.

Determine your brand image: Today, many designers get too inspired by the latest design trends that they forget the actual brand image of their organization. Attractive buttons, bright colors, and gradient designs may work for some websites but they may not be the right for your brand.

Think about the feel you want to express with your design like the emotions you want to showcase. Your brand image should be painted in a way to represent the character and personality of your brand. Everyone has their own brands but what makes the difference is what impression they make on the visitor. So, figure out what impression is it?

The main substance of strategic design is common sense; you are designing your website to serve an objective or goal so, your web design should do the same. However, it is easy to lose the track in the hassle of design trends as they look more attractive for your website. But no matter, what you should always stick to the original purpose of your designing project and the Web Design Company in the USA can help you to do it.



Significance of Choosing the Right Web Design Company for Your Projects

Steve Jobs once said “website design is not what it looks like and feel like. Design is how it works” and we all agree on this fact.

In the sea of thousands NO- correction millions of online websites, what set your website apart? Yes, you guessed it right. It is your attention-grabbing and breath-stealing website design. But the question is was it possible in the first place in the absence of the right web design company? NO! Without your website design company, your dream would have lost in the bleak universe. That’s the reason I have come up with this blog- to plug in the significance of having the right website design company at your side.

How DIY Design Hacks have Become an Issue in the Industry?

One of the biggest challenges the IT industry is currently facing is “DIY design hacks” Yes, you heard it correct, the DIY that was once a time and cost-saving method has now become an issue for many. If we start with the small start-up businesses, many fail to understand the value of having an impressive and functioning website design and certainly end up thinking hiring professional web designing services are waste of their precious time and money.

As a result, they end up doing it on their own, thinking they have saved some bucks upfront but what happens is they end up losing more money and goodwill than what it would have cost to hire a website designer… twice. With the time, the websites have evolved and are no more like they used to be back in 2014. Now, they serve both as a selling medium and advertisers making the task of marketers much easier.

Why You Should Hire Professionals while Designing Your Business Website?

The first impression matters: Do you know it takes only 5 seconds to the visitor to form an opinion about your website? Generally, their opinion is truly based on the look of your website. It doesn’t matter if you offer the best services in the world if your website cannot deliver the right message, then your customers will never reach out for you. When you hire the best web designing company in the USA, the experts walk an extra mile to make sure your first impression is unique and positive.

You will receive a reliable website: Suppose you end up creating a website through your DIY design methods but will it be reliable? Remember that you are not a designer you are just doing it to save money so, you may not realize that your website is not reliable until it is too late to do anything.

For example, you have applied all your designing tricks and tips to get it up and running but the second you try to make some changes, it shuts down or started to show a number of errors that are hard to fix. For these reasons your website doesn’t look the way, it should in front of the viewers.

Of course, having a bad website at your side is no good for your business and even after hiring some emergency help it has high chances of crashing down. Acquiring the professional web designing services make sure that you will have a reliable website that won’t crash, break down or act weird.

You get more effective designs: I understand that you want to showcase your skills and imagination when it comes to creating impressive designs, but you need to understand that web design is not a few clicks on Photoshop. It takes more than what you have right now. So, rather than taking all the burden on your shoulders, it is better to hire professional web designing services from an experienced web design company. They will create effective designs while keeping your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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Mobile compatibility will be there: If you are not a professional web designer, then you might have no or a little knowledge about the latest technologies for mobile devices. This can cost your organization a big time! For instance; if you know how mobile views are evolving every year, then you might create a mobile compatible website design. However, if you are not aware of responsive design then you might have to pay a huge amount to others to create and maintain a separate mobile version of your website.

Experienced web design would educate you about the recent website design change and help you to make the right decision while developing your business website.

Your website is a valuable asset you must treasure at any cost. Neglecting it will not only cost your business but can also make it fall down onto the ground. Therefore, it is always beneficial to hire the best web designing company in the USA, ProICT LLC to design it.