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Android App Vs. iOS App: Which Is More Effective for Your Brand?

When it comes to choosing their next smartphone, the first choice of most of the people is either Android or iOS. Similarly, when it comes to developing a mobile application, many often get confused between the Android and iOS platform. Most of the business and startups are keen to go for mobile application development services for better user engagement.

As it is one of the crucial decisions that can either make or break your “yet to launch” mobile application, you need to carefully consider each element before choosing the final platform. In such a situation, you might consider to launch on both platforms to play safely in the market but creating and launching applications on both platforms is not easy as it seems to be and don’t forget the level of risk that is involved in the entire process.

So, what are you exactly going to do? Well, take a smart decision and start building and launching your application on one platform- once it is successfully up and running you can plan and launch the application on other platforms. Now the question remains the same:

Is it Android or iOS platform?

Both android and iOS have their share of pros and cons and being aware of them makes it further easier to take the right decision. In the below blog post, we will outline some of the major differences between Android and iOS application which will help you to have a clear idea of what to choose:

Android vs. iOS: Target audience

If we talk about the android devices, it covers around 88% of the global market share but when it comes to calculating the consumer spending, there is no match of Apple in the market.

While choosing the application platform, consider the geographical and demographic characteristics of your target audience. If you are thinking about targeting the global audience, then the Android platform will be your ideal choice. However, if you are considering to target the audience in the western countries, or if you are launching an e-commerce application, then iOS application might be your best bet.

Android vs. iOS: development time

According to a survey conducted on the industry developers, building iOS application is faster, cheaper and easier than Android application. What actually makes iOS application easier to develop is its coding structure. As the majority of the Android applications are written in Java that includes more codes than, Swift- the official programming language of the Apple.

Another reason that makes Android application more complicated is its open source nature. The lack of standardization in open source platform means there are more devices, software, and components to account for. Although the Apple has a closed ecosystem and better programming language, it may take some time to get your application approved and don’t forget the risk of getting your application rejected is higher with Apple than iOS.

Android vs. iOS: Flexibility and features

When it comes to creating a mobile application, every individual has their separate goals. As Android is the open-source platform, clients will have more flexibility to customize their applications- developing features and functions, their audience wants in the application.

Of course, if we discuss the risks related to the platforms, Android is more susceptible to malware and pirated apps. On the other hand, Apple is considered a more secure platform due to its closed nature.

Choosing between the Android and iOS platform solely depends on your budget, target audience, duration and number of features and functions. Moreover, if you are facing difficulties while choosing the right mobile app development agency for your application, then you can directly consult with the experts available at ProICT LLC.