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New Instagram Feature To Clean Up Your Following List

New Instagram Feature To Clean Up Your Following List

In the digital era of social media, Instagram has grown immensely as a leading social media platform over the years with 2.5 billion active users. As, it allows users to share their photos, videos, stories related to their personal lives and also keep them aware of the latest activities that occur across the world. Since the year 2020 has already started, Instagram is rolling out so many features for a better user experience.

New Following Feature Launched By Instagram

The new following feature launched by In order to bring new traits, Instagram has recently released a new feature that will help users to see the list of people in the following list in several categories. Earlier there are no categories under the head of the following tab, but from now on the users can see few categories with the groups of Instagram accounts you follow into lists such as:

  • you see most often
  • you least interact with
  • sorted by earliest to latest followed

This feature has announced through the official Twitter account of the Instagram team with the statement, “Want to see which Instagram accounts show up in your feed the most and whom you interact with the least? Now you can!” reads the caption. “Just tap ‘Following’ and manage your list from there.”

To create these categories, Instagram uses the user activities you have done in the past 90 days. In terms of calculating interactions, Instagram keeps an eye on the actions of that particular user such as liking and sharing posts, reacting to stories. With this new following category, Instagram aspires to comfort their users and ensures them that whatever counts shown in their feed are true and relevant. Moreover, Instagram users can filter out the noise from their feed by reviewing these new following categories.

Impact on Social Media Marketing

As the feature has just launched a few days back, so it will be difficult to talk about the consequences or impacts on social media strategies. However, this feature has the potential to lead to many lost followers. Now, Instagram users can go with the cleanup operation to purge out the unnecessary Instagram accounts on their following list.

It looks like a more positive and interesting way for users to cut down their Following list as it can lead to more engagement on the particular Instagram handle as well. With opportunities to engage with this update, users will see more content from the accounts for what they really concern about and have more them. Either way, as a marketer, the launch of this feature is important to take note of if you measure changes in total followers and engagement from month to month.

To access these new Following Categories for your own account, just open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile. Just tap on the “Following” tab and you can see the option to group the accounts into different categories.

Therefore, the above is a long discussion ends here and I hope you had learned about the latest changes done by Instagram in the context of avoiding cyber bullying on Social media. If you are still having any doubts or confusion about these updates, or any other query related to Social Media Marketing then, you can consult with the experts of ProICT LLC.

As they have experienced specialists who are serving in the marketplace as one of the leading Social Media Marketing Service Providers Company In New York. To know more about social media updates or digital marketing strategies, you can read our previous blog posts available on the official website.

Top 5 marketing channels to optimize your digital products

Top 5 Marketing Channels To Optimize Your Digital Products Part-1

We lived in a rapidly developing tech world where every business needs to work harder to be in the race of gaining popularity. In order to increase the public demand, many organizations hire professionals who can achieve organizational goals for them.

However, digital marketing is the trendiest tactic when it comes to promote and manage a brand or a business as well. If you are willing to know about the most impactful Digital Marketing Strategies, then you should take a look at the following marketing channels to increase your Digital marketing product sales graph.

What is Digital Product?

In Digital Marketing strategies, there is a term called digital product, which refers to the products, services and any other source of information that comes from any digital platform. This information can be in any form downloadable audio podcasts and videos, images, blogs, online worksheets, downloadable mobile application and software, infographics, e-books, pdf’s, and much more.

However, the digital products are easy to create, use, distribute, and replace. Any person can work on the creation and promotion of a digital product with the help of a few tools and devices. There is no need for any physical materials, huge factory lands, or staff required. Howsoever, the right choice of digital marketing channel is a very crucial part to execute any digital product. Here is a list of top five digital marketing channels suggested by the professional in Digital Marketing that will help you to better utilize your digital product as well.

Which Marketing Channel Is Right For Your Digital Product?

These days, digital marketing channels are identifies as a vast arena for socializing or promoting a brand to reach out to a large audience. However, the selection of Digital marketing channels depends on the type of digital product. Moreover, identifying the best platforms on which to build your sales presence heavily relies on the behavioral patterns of the audience, which you want to target. That is why companies need to employ Digital Marketing professional who can help them to find the most appropriate channels to emphasize their digital products.

If you use numerous marketing channels, it may increase the possibility that you may provide the fastest and most effective service to your customers. If you have any confusion about where to begin, here are some marketing channels and their benefits that can get you started in the right direction.

Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing

WOM or should I say Word of Mouth refers to promoting a brand through an oral communication. In other words, word of mouth advertising is the process of influencing more and more customers towards  a brand, organization, resource and event. According to Online Marketing Professionals, the word of mouth marketing is an impactful asset for any organization when it comes on brand promotion.

 Even a survey report also confirms that only 4% of the total consumers think that the marketing industry behaves with integrity and 96% of customers trust on the recommendations that comes from their acquaintances. I know it sounds funny, but it makes sense that people believes on people – not in brands. However, Consumer behavior is the top most concern in the marketplace as it fluctuates constantly. To create the best reviews, you need to stay focused on providing a valuable product and top-notch customer service. More importantly, offline and online marketing can spread information about your digital product. Salesforce found that 87% of marketers see integration across all platforms as essential to boosting visibility, leads and customers.

Social Media

Nowadays, each and everyone is familiar with social media, as it does not need any introduction. Social media allow as to share our photos, opinions, events and much more so that you can connect with the real world. Since everyone is aware of the influence of several social media platforms in our life, which make it one of the best digital marketing channels. That is why many social media marketers prefer to use the power of social media to promote a brand or business.

As per the statics, social media is an amazing way to feature products and services over 2.7 billion users around the world. You can publish and share the blog post, pictures, infographics, podcasts, videos and much more on several social media platforms that will help your business to reach out to the relevant audiences. If you want to use social media platforms to publicize your digital product, I would suggest you to must use Instagram and Facebook for sharing purposes.

I think that’s all for today we will further continue this topic in another blog post. Individuals can read more blogs based on several Digital Marketing Services and strategies that are available at the official website. In case if you will find any difficulty or doubt, you can ask for suggestions too by consult with our experts available at ProICT, which is the one-stop destination of all Digital Marketing Services within your budget as well.

301 Redirection Explained

Some Aspects Regarding 301 Redirects

Have you ever noticed the three-digit numeric errors that come on the front of the screen when you enter a web page URL while surfing on the internet. If you are also sailing in the same boat, then stop being worried about it. You are getting the error because something goes wrong from the website server itself.

In technical terms, these errors are known as HTTP status codes and play a vital role when it comes to surfing a website or webpage. When you learn it from depth, then you will find that there are several kinds of website errors. Every error code has a precise meaning and each one represents a specific issue or error as follows:

  • 100 for Informational responses
  • 200 for Success responses
  • 300 for Redirection responses
  • 400 for Client error responses
  • 500 for Server error responses

The most common error codes are 301, 302, 304, 307, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 408, 410, and much more. With this blog, you will learn what does 301 error means and what can you do to avoid it. Therefore, you can better implement SEO techniques on a website without any HTTP 301 errors.

What is an HTTP 301?

As I mentioned above that too, error codes start with 300 relates to the redirecting responses, 301 redirect is an HTTP status code. If you found 301 redirect codes on your screen that means the particular webpage you want to see has permanently moved or redirected on another webpage or URL. According to SEO professionals, using an HTTP 301 redirect code is one of the best ways to divert traffic from a webpage to another webpage.

A 301 redirect code enables you to make changes in the website’s URLs without hurting your rankings or your usability. Basically, it notifies the browser that the current page is now moved on a new URL and it won’t be returning to its original location in the future. If you want to redirect a web page for temporarily then you should use 302 redirects as it indicates that the page has redirected to another webpage for temporarily without affecting your webpage and ranking results as well.

Why do you need 301 redirect?

In website designing, 301 redirect codes are an essential component when it comes to redirecting a web page. Here are some reasons that will help you to increase awareness about the necessity of HTTP 301 redirect code:

  • Using an HTTP 301 redirect code can be a great way to merge two or more webpages in a single webpage or document. Suppose you have two webpages on the website and both have quite similar content or information. In this situation, merging or redirecting one page to another is beneficial for your site and ranking too.
  • Using redirection may help to increase your websites’ usability. Suppose, you had recently worked on your websites (such as optimize better navigation, more precise content, or some other changes).

So, I think it is enough for today next time we will discuss another error code. I hope now you can influence more visitors by using HTTP 301 and 302 redirection codes. You can use several redirection tools such as SEO plugin, redirect checker, SEO redirect checker and many more for implementing 301 redirect code. If you will face any struggle in using tools or implementing error codes, then you can employ a Search Engine Optimization Company. In my opinion, you should take suggestions or guidance from the experts of ProICT LLC for all digital marketing solutions.

Removal Tool Of Google Search Console

Updates On The Removal Tool Of Google Search Console

In the rapidly changing tech world, running a successful website is not everyone’s cup of tea, you need to perform so many tasks and implement strategies to keep an eye on every single visitor’s activity. Yes, it is damn true, tracking visitors is one of the most critical parts to successfully function an online business.

That is the reason why many SEO professionals suggest, taking help of several website tracking or analytical tools such as Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), ClickMeter, PageSpeed Insights, Intercom, Domo, Segment, PaveAI, Pingdom, SimilarWeb, Screaming Frog SEO, Woopra, SEMrush, GoSquared and the last but most effective tool called Google Search Console.

What Is The Term Google Search Console?

Google Search Console or GSC is a free web service provided by the most famous Search Engine Google. GSC allows professionals to keep the complete track of indexing status and optimize the search engine visibility of a specific website. In simple words, GSC helps webmasters to control and maintain troubleshoots of the online presence of a website in Google search results.

Earlier, people recognize it as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) until May 20, 2015. However, in January 2018, Google has launched a new version of the search console named Google Search Console with lots of changes in the user interface.

Recently, Google Search Console has introduced a new feature known as removals, which enable professionals to temporarily block or remove the unwanted URLs from Google Search Results that are visible on the website. If you are also serving as an SEO professional and not aware of this update, you should read this blog first. With the help of this blog post, you can get acquaintance associated with the latest update on the URL removal tool to manage a website.

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How Can You Access The Removal Tool?

However, it is quite easy to remove unwanted URLs belonging to a website on your own through Google Search Console. If you want to remove any URL from a website, this tool is an ideal choice to perform this task. You can access it within the Google Search Console in the Index menu titled “Removals”. Furthermore, you need to click on the new request tab after that enter the specific URL, which you want to remove or block temporarily.

Therefore, the above is a long discussion about the latest changes done by Google in the context of removing website URL’s through GSC for experiences. If you are still having any doubts or confusion about the Google updates, or any other query related to Search Engine Optimization then, you can consult with the experts of ProICT LLC. You can consult with their experts for SEO Strategies, for other Digital Marketing services too. To know more about digital marketing, you can read our previous blog post available on the official website of ProICT LLC.

Content Marketing Trends 2020

Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2020

While implementing Digital Marketing Strategies, as it is required for every single marketing campaign. Many professionals consider content as a king of the digital marketing domain. Content is not just for filing the webpages, it enables professionals to communicate or convey information to the audience. Good content should deliver the right message related to a brand and reach out to the millions of hearts and minds of the customer.

That is why Content Marketing is one of the best ways when we talk about promoting a brand through online marketing. It will help professionals to increase brand awareness and drives more traffic towards a website. As the New Year 2020 has started, many content marketers are seeking new and impactful Content Marketing Tactics for brand promotion. If you are also looking for new strategies, then you should read this blog first. This blog post will allow you to learn about some content marketing techniques to better utilize the content in the marketing campaigns as well.

Content Marketing Strategies For Brand Promotions

User Generated Content (UGC)

Have you heard about the most popular share a coke campaign initiated by coca-cola?

Through this campaign, the brand tries to build a strong relationship with new and existing customers as well. The “Share a Coke” campaign took off all over the world with the bottles having common US names on the label. The brand increases the popularity and customer interaction also, after starting this share a coke with the campaign. Recently Cadbury also initiated “donate your words” campaign, which has also gained so much popularity in the middle of customers.

I hope now you can better understand the term UGC with the above examples. It refers to generate more customer-friendly content that will help the brand to interact with users. It can be social media posts, comments, suggestions forms too. User generated content works as an effective marketing strategy that builds a trustful and friendly relation between customer and brand. That is why professionals prefer to use more creative and customer-friendly content while running marketing campaigns.

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Content and Voice Devices

Nowadays using voice devices is no longer optional, because every single person is using voice technology like Amazon Echo, Cortona, Siri and Google Home in their smart devices. However, using several voice-activated devices for content marketing is very popular and trending in the market especially for the youth. According to a survey report, 78% of the total population of the United States use smart voice recognition devices in their homes and offices also.

Voice searches play a huge role in user searches even many people use voice recognition features most in the comparison of typing it manually. When a user conducts a voice search instead of typing it manually, it allows the user to get a better experience of internet surfing. Because of this top brands realize the value of voice based content and starts implementing voice search technology along with searches via texts.


In the past couple of years, podcast marketing is the new trend in the Digital Marketing world. Podcast refers to the set of digital audio files containing information that is available on the internet platforms for users. As per the survey reports, the number of podcast listeners has increased three times within the last decade and this number is growing as time goes on.

Because of the popularity, so many leading brands are using this marketing as it can contribute to niche marketing and helps to establish their brand credibility within the field of expertise.

At the end of this blog, I hope the above content marketing strategies will help you to learn the tactics to rule the digital marketing world in the year 2020. You can read our more blog posts based upon various Digital marketing strategies. In case, if you will find any confusion, you can have a word with the marketing professionals of ProICT LLC. They are one of the leading Digital marketing service providers in the USAalso loved by their happy customers.

Elements of Technical SEO

What Are The Important Elements Of A Technical SEO Audit?

In the last blog post, we have discussed about the Technical SEO audit which is a part of the digital marketing techniques. Through that post, we have learned that performing technical SEO audit is not challenging once you are clear with the basics. All you have to do is pay attention when you are learning about the basics of SEO audit.

Along with the fundamental knowledge, you also need to understand that your website might be facing some issues and if you are thinking about the term “perfect” to describe the condition of your website then believe me there is no such thing as a perfect website without any room for improvement.

In the recent survey, it was revealed that around 80% of the website is running with 4xx broken links and more than 60% of websites have duplicate content.

The ultimate goal of conducting the technical audit is to help your website rank higher on the Search engine result page (SERP) and generate more conversion. Hence, technical SEO is about identifying and fixing the errors to help the website rank higher on the website. Here are some of:

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Key Elements of Technical SEO Audit

The crawl reports the first thing first; you need to perform the crawl report of your website. The crawl report will give a wider view of some of the website’s errors. The crawl error can walk you through some of the main errors like; duplicate content, page speed, broken images, and missing H1 and H2 tags. You can set your tool on the monthly crawl to get a clearer picture of your website.

HTTPS Status Code

Switching to the HTTPS is important because the search engine and users cannot access websites that are still running on the HTTP code. If you are still running your website on old HTTP code then, users will only land at 4XX or 5XX errors instead of your website page.

Make you sure you have already immigrated your website on the HTTPS code and if you lack the technical knowledge and skills to do so then, hire the digital marketing services in the USA to do it on your behalf. Along with shifting your website on the HTTPS code, they will also help you to get the list of potential errors from the search console. Keeping your search console error list empty is the good start toward having a well-optimized website.

Your XML sitemap status

Submitting your XML sitemap on Google is important to guide the crawlers through the webpages on the website. You can also consider the XML sitemap as a roadmap for Google and allow it to crawl the necessary pages and rank them accordingly. if you already have an XML sitemap for your website then make sure it is:

  • Properly formatted
  • Follows the XML protocol
  • Have all the updated pages

Now, you must be thinking about how you can submit your sitemap on Google? Well, it is far easier than you think. All you have to do is submit it through the Google Search Console Sitemaps tool. Apart from this, you can also upload it through the robot.txt file. For further details, you can easily consult with the experts at ProICT LLP.

Website load time

Your website load time is another important element of the SEO metric. According to the survey, more than 30% of the websites have slow loading time. You should know that website speed is the crucial part of the metric Google uses to determine the ranking of the website on the SERPs. There are other SEO tools that can also help you to find the approx. speed of your website.


In the Google algorithm update in 2015, it was clear that Google is following the mobile-first strategy a give more preferences to mobile-friendly websites. This automatically puts the mobile-friendliness as the factor on the SEO checklist. Therefore, you need to consider the mobile view while updating your website.

I think these are enough elements to check during your next SEO audit. However, if you need some help with you the technical SEO audit then, don’t hesitate to take help from the professionals at ProICT LLP. They have the right set of tools and digital marketing techniques to perform the right audit. Feel free to visit the website to learn more!

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit- Are Roots Connected With the Business Success

Lord Justice Tops once said “An auditor is a watchdog, not a bloodhound”, and those who perform regular audits in their organizations could never agree more!

But is it all about the manual audits on the accounts? How technical activities can be audited? Or is there a different audit process that exists to verify digital marketing techniques? The answer to all of these questions is “YES” and the term that is used for this process is known as “Technical SEO audit”.

While working in the digital marketing field, I spent half of my life performing SEO audit on different websites. What I believe is that the process has evolved and is now commonly performed by many organizations on a regular basis. As you know in the beginning everything was about the new shiny things but as time changed folks have started to pay attention to things that are important for the success of an organization.

So, let’s get started with the technical SEO audit…

The Battle Between Needs vs. Tools

When it comes to audits, many people directly link it with the tools and data that will drive the entire audit process they are conducting in the first place. If you ask me that is sort of backward.

You need to have an idea about the needs of the websites before you make your move to the tools and data-sets parts.

Understanding about the business

Now is the time to establish the needs of the organization. Through all these years what I have learned is that people come to you for auditing in two cases:

First: They want to have professionals to keep an eye on their ongoing market strategies are they are too busy running their businesses.

Second: They are looking for a solution or seeking answers to the problems they are currently facing with their SEO strategies.

In between these two choices they forget the actual purpose and goal of SEO audit. There can be several purposes behind conducting the SEO audit depending on the website as it can be for:

  • The locally focused site
  • International brand
  • National brand
  • Lead generation
  • Risk assessment

Get your goal or purpose of running an audit. 

When we perform the technical audit we strive to understand the actual need of the audit. That is the basic step- the next step is the process to find out the purpose. The process can include;

The right set of questions

  • Collecting data from the previous SEO strategies
  • Get the concern of primary individuals

Although it may look like a lot of work for you the ultimate success that will come with this process will make your day. So, don’t skip the details.

Diving deeper into the auditing

Another important thing you need to consider while performing the Technical SEO audit is the type of audit you are performing. The prime types include:

Comprehensive site audit 

A comprehensive site audit is an in-depth audit that focuses on all the elements of the organization. This type of audit is actually more expensive and can be described in dozens of pages and far more in data sets. This type of audit includes all the activities right from the small, medium and long term activities.

Limited website audit 

The limited site audit is the budget-conscious audit that consists of the overview type report that will identify the elements organizations need to pay special attention to. This type of audit is often known as “40000” feet- view.

A limited site audit is good if you have already conducted a comprehensive audit in advance.

What other types of SEO audits are there?

Apart from these two, there are other types of audits including;

  • Content audit
  • UX audit
  • Forensic traffic audit

But as you know in this blog, we are only discussing the technical SEO audit. The reason why I mentioned other audits is to give you possible options. But believe me, SEO audit makes more sense than anything else because it is always the situations where you need the full flown audit sometime less is also fine.

Let’s end this blog today, we will further continue this blog with the next post where we will describe the elements of technical SEO audit. Until then, you can check out the digital marketing packages at ProICT LLP.

Sectors Where Indian Are Breaking All Records

Sectors Where Indian Are Breaking All Records

26 January- a day that comes every year and fills our hearts with the same emotion of patriotism. We all have a number of memories tied to this special holiday that reminds us about the day 1950 when we freed ourselves from the governance of British rule. For many, it is not just a holiday but a day to feel proud as a part of the biggest democracy that represents unity in diversity. To make the more memorable for global clients, ProICT LLC is offering a 20% discount on all the services including-digital marketing, website design services, web development solutions.

As India has managed to secure its place as the fifth-largest economy in the world, we should the heroism of the freedom fighters of India who freed the nation to make it stand where it is today. Not only the IT sector but India has managed to pull it’s in many other sectors as well.

Bill Gates once said, “If we stop employing foreign employees from India then there will be another Microsoft born in India.” India as a sovereign nation no longer hiding into the shadow but is slowly become the superpower that is guiding the world’s spirituality, technology, and rule of unity. In this blog, you will learn about the sectors where Indians are ruling.

Sectors Where Indians Are Ruling

Social media and entertainment

Do you know that out of all, more than 500 million internet users are Indian, making India the second-largest market right below China? This is the main reason why all YouTubers are either making videos on or regarding India to catch the attention of the Indian users.

Netflix also has two million users from India and the organization is investing more in Indian content than it has ever done anywhere apart from the U.S. On the other hand, where Amazon Prime Charges US subscribers around $119 per, it cost only $14.50 to Indian users. Each year thousands of dollars are just tossed around to get the rights for IPL and other cricket matches. All this information proves that fact that India is winning over the media and entertainment industry.

Science and Technology

Indian also has played a crucial role in the development of technology on the global platform. The country itself ranks as the most attractive investment destination for technology transactions in the entire world. From Microsoft to Google some of the biggest companies are run by the Indians. Recently, Alphabet the parent company of Google has appointed Sundar Pichai as the new CEO.

The government of India, making the technology as the priority area and aiming to make its citizens technology-centric. As India holds the 6th position in the scientific publication and the 10th position in for patents, there are higher chances of growth of the technology market in India.

Digital marketing

Every year around, 10,000 organizations from over 70 countries join hands with the digital marketing companies in India. 2019 was another successful year for digital marketing companies in India. Since 2016, the nation is witnessing the rapid growth in the digital marketing sector. According to the government surveys the growth is estimated to be around 50% which on the current basis worth $102 billion. Global clients mostly hire Indian marketing firms for the following services:

Now, you know that India is no longer a developing country but has become a nation that is competing with the world to find its spot in the global market. On the occasion of Republic Day that represents the true spirit of independent India, ProICT LLC wishes you Happy Republic day with 20% of discounts on all the services. Consult with the experts to learn more!


Track Conversions on Google Analytics

Steps To Track Conversions Through Google Analytics

Nowadays, digital marketing is a requirement to run an online business, that is why the demand for professionals in digital marketing is rising so rapidly. When we talk about digital marketing, using SEO tactics always comes at the top of the list. SEM is acronyms of Search Engine Marketing, which is a process of promoting a brand or a business through Search engines.

Search Engine, for example, Google, is the place where a user can search about anything which they want to know about. In SEM there are two terms one is Organic (SEO) and another one is Paid (PPC). If you are an SEM professional, then you are aware of the terms Organic SEO. Basically, organic SEO refers to Organic Search Engine Optimization that belongs to the process used to obtain a natural rank or placement on (SERP) Search Engine Result Pages.

A few examples of most common techniques used in organic SEO are using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to increase link reach, and content that is relevant for readers. However, professionals use SEO strategies to get more conversions through traffic on the site. The reason behind publishing this blog post is to tell you about organic conversions and how can you track these conversions.

 What is the Term Organic Conversions?

Basically, the conversion is a general term used for those visitors who turn into the customers. Earlier, the success of Search Engine Optimization depends on the SERP ranking of the relevant keyword. But now it turns on the count of conversions done through the organic traffic. That is why it becomes more important to track the count of visitors and conversions on your site.

Ways to track organic conversions

The SEO market is filled with lots of tracking or analytical tools when it comes to tracking conversions. But as per SEO professionals, a Google Analytics tool is one of the ways for tracing conversions through Search Engine Marketing. Here are a few steps that will help you to track conversions through Google Analytics tools which will give you accurate results for analyzing as well. Google Analytics is a free tool that collects all the relevant information about the online actions of active users on a website.

Create A Goal In Google Analytics

First of all, you need to set your priorities or goals to track conversions on your site. If you want to set up your goals go to your Google Analytics standard reports and click on the “Admin” button mentioned in the top right corner. To add goals click on Goals>+ New Goal> select the heads (Destination, Duration, Pages per session and Events) under which you want to set goals for tracking.

Set Up Organic Keyword Conversions

Once you create goals to trace conversions the next thing you need to find those keywords which are driving conversions. To create the Organic Keyword Conversion report, you will need to visit Traffic Sources > Search > Organic and click Customize. The best thing is you can get the complete report, for that adds metrics (such as Visits, Goal completions, Goal conversion rate, and Organic searches) for Report content. Once it’s done you need to add ‘keywords’ in the Dimension Drilldowns section after that you can get an organic keyword conversion tracking report to analyze the keyword conversions.

So the above are some steps that are a must when it comes to tracking organic conversions by using the Google Analytics tool. I hope this blog post will help you to a better understanding of organic SEO techniques. In case if you are facing any issues or difficulties then, I would suggest you can consult with our Digital Marketing Professionals for expert suggestions. If you want more information about SEO services, read our blogs on several topics available at the official website of ProICT LLC.

Attract Potential Customers to the Business

Strategies That Are Must To Get More Customers

In digital marketingthe most crucial thing is having an online business, but no one is aware of its presence. If you are starting a new business, a website must showcase your business existence on the internet platform. As we all know, you can’t run a business without customers, so that is why various digital marketing strategies are a must for every online business to attract more customers.

Attracting new customers is not an easy task as well no one can do it easily without any expertise. To attract more customers, you need to follow various marketing strategies or you can hire an expert too. In this blog post, we will learn a few tactics of digital marketing that can help your business to attract more visitors and generate good revenue. I hope the following techniques can help your online business to attract many prospects as possible.

Techniques that Can Help your Online Business To Attract Online Users

A well-designed website

The first thing you need to design an eye-catchy and impressive website including relevant content and information. To run an online business, it is very important to build a trustful relationship with your visitors, so that they can trust your services and products too. Accordingly, a website can work as a mirror to describe your online business in a good manner. Create a professional, attractive and user-friendly website that relates to your customer needs. You can read our other blogs to understand how to leverage Web designing strategies for your business. While designing a website, try to include interesting color combinations, attractive layouts or designs and engaging content that complement each other to mesmerize visitors and influence them to visit your site.

Focus on Influencer Marketing

In Influencer marketing, the term Influencer refers to those people, websites or pages that exist on the internet that are followed and loved by huge audiences. For example, if popular Digital Marketing Professionals say some good things about a digital marketing company. As a result, people who want to design their websites start approaching that particular company because of Influencer Marketing. You can use this marketing strategy to convey the right message as well.

 Use Social Media Campaigning

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with various social media channels and probably using it too. Some studies show that social media has become the best source to promote your business online without spending too much money on it. Most of the businesses had already started using social media campaigning, but few are still confused. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the most popular social media websites. Create a page on every social media platform to describe your brand and upload interesting and engaging content to attract users.

That’s all for today we will further continue this topic under another blog topic on another day. Remember one thing always that a customer plays an important part to grow a business or gain popularity. To attract more customers for your online business, you need to follow the latest market trends or you can take advice from the experts of ProICT LLC. They offer digital marketing services that will help you to increase visitor’s count and online popularity of your online business.