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Customer Engagement: An Inseparable Part Of Twitter

Customer involvement is the primary goal of every Digital Marketing Professional to run a business successfully. Customer engagement is like a relationship that connects the customer with your brand. Whenever a customer engaged with your business, they connect with you and build an emotional connection with your brand.

When we talk about customer engagement, social media channels play a vital role to promote your brand. As I said in my previous blogs also, social media can build an outstanding interaction between a brand and users. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform used as a social media marketing strategy. Today, we will encircle some easy ways to increase customer engagement by using Twitter.

How to increase customer engagement on Twitter?

When it comes to customer engagement, you need to build it because you can’t buy engagement. According to a survey, around 321 million monthly active users are using twitter to promote their brands. Twitter engagement can be a quick way to get more clicks, increase brand awareness and more conversion rates. Here are a few tactics suggested by professionals to increase more customer engagement:

Use appropriate hashtags (#)

These days, people start using hashtag symbol (#) along with their keyword or phrase while posting any tweet on twitter. To promote your business on twitter, use hashtag campaigns with your brand’s name and tagline as well. As per SMM professionals, using hashtags can double up the customer engagement rate by creating high visibility on Twitter.

Hashtags help you to get more attention from the audience on your tweets and enable users to find your tweets by searching trending hashtags. As per a survey, tweets with hashtags have a 1,065% increase in engagement and get more than 33% retweets from users as compared to other tweets without hashtags.

Keep your content simple and short

The first thing you need to keep in mind while doing tweets that is your content should be engaging and interesting in fewer words. As everyone is familiar with Twitter’s character restrictions, you can tweet within the character count which should not exceed 280 characters including hashtags and links as well.

Usually professional suggests not to exceed 140 characters to tweet your content so that your followers can edit it if they want to do. Try to keep your content to the point and always remember the character restriction whenever tweeting on Twitter.

Respond immediately on the user’s response

Nowadays, no one wants to wait, everyone wants a quick response or results. The golden rule to increase customer engagement rate is responding immediately to users’ actions it can be a message, retweet or comment as well. This can be a little easy for small brands as compared to a large and well-known brand because people already know that brand which diverts more customers to them.

According to Social Media Marketers, responding to user’s tweets can increase the chance of receiving a reply back on your reply, which helps business owners to engage those customers with your posts in the future.

At the end of this blog, I hope the above trick would help you to increase more customer engagement on your Twitter account which generates good revenue as well. If you will face any trouble at any stage while implementing Social Media Marketing strategies, you can take suggestions with the professionals of ProICT LLC to make it crystal clear.


Schema Markup: Hidden SEO Gem You Should Know About

Have you come across one of the latest SEO evolution called “schema markup?” Sadly only a few of us know and utilize it. However, if done properly the schema can boost up your ranking on the search engine result pages. Once you gain expertise in the concepts of schema markup, it will be much easier for you to push your website higher on the search engine.

The prime goal of this post is to make you learn how exactly you can add schema markup as your website’s Search Engine Optimization Checklist. But right before that, you need to understand: –

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is defined as code or semantic vocabulary that you put on your website to help search engines to deliver more results for the received query. If you ever used snippets for your website, then you may know what I am talking about. Let’s see an example to understand the concept of schema markup on the event entry. In the SERP it may look like this.

The schema you can see in the above image describes the upcoming events that are extremely helpful for planning your schedule ahead.

What schema actually do?

So, what makes schema important for your website? Actually, there are several facts that highlight the importance of adding schema on your websites like;

The schema describes to the search engine what your content means not what it says

As you already the content available on your website is getting crawled and indexed by the search engine in return to the relevant search engine. Moreover, when it comes to content with schema markup, the results can turn out in a different way.

How? Because the schema informs the search engine what the content means? Let’s say the word “Alice Redcliff” appear in a blog. The search engine crawls it and passes the entry of “Alice Redcliff”. However, if you put the right schema there, then search engine come to acknowledge that “Alice Redcliff” is the name of the author of the blog not just random word combination. After this search engine will deliver better results for the search “Alice Redcliff” therefore, it worth to use schema markup as your Search Engine Optimization Checklist.

Why schema is important for your website?

Schema Markup can help your website rank higher on the search engine by properly utilizing all types of content. Schema has specific data markup for: –

  • Article
  • Blog
  • Restaurants
  • Movies
  • Book reviews
  • Events
  • Products
  • Software applications

The list doesn’t end here. There are more than hundreds of markup types- right from medical stores to the dinner menu. If you have any sort of content available on your website, then chances are it is going to have a specific item type or item scope.

Now, let’s come to the facts and figures; as per the recent survey, websites who use schema have higher chances of appearing on the search engine result pages than websites without any markup. Another study also determined that websites utilizing schema rank four positions higher than other websites. While it is not perfect proof you are searching for, the ranking and Schema certainly have some correlation.

Right now, less than one-third of the total websites on the internet use the schema markup. So, if you are already adding schema markup in SEO Services, then have a head start up on the majority of the websites.

That’s it for today… we will further continue this blog to help you learn how you can use schema markup on your own website. Until then, check out other SEO blogs at ProICT LLP.


Basics of Link Building In SEO For Beginners

A good SEO is the one who is paying attention to every tiny detail that most probably bloggers ignored. SEO is the process to increase more web traffic through various Search Engine Optimization strategies like Organic SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Word Press SEO, and Link Building.

When it comes to link building, it works as a backbone for whole SEO strategies to attract more visitors on a website. In this blog, you are going to read about how link building affects your SEO and web traffic. Firstly you need to understand the term “Link Building” and why it is used.

What do you understand by Link Building?

Link building is a kind of strategy or a process you can use to get linked to your website to other websites or web links. According to SEO professionals, it is one of the most powerful and popular ways to get more web traffic by using another site for outranking.

According to Google, you can be ranked higher for the keywords you are targeting if you are linking external websites to your pages. But you need to be more careful while using link building strategy whether you are using it legally (as white hat SEO) or using to get more web traffic illegally (as black hat SEO). Here are a few tactics you can implement to build outside links for your website traffic:

  • Guest Posting

In terms of SEO, guest posting also known as guest blogging is the method where you write an article and post it on another website with your web link being a guest on that website with their permission. Guest posting allows you to connect with other sites, which can be beneficial for your website if you do it properly.

The most important thing need to remember is the link of the host blogger must include in the guest post so that visitors can visit the host blogger’s website. As per professional SEO experts, guest posting on other websites increases web traffic five times rather than posting a blog on your site.

  • Using influencer for link building 

In the marketing industry, the golden rule is “what people see they buy” which helps to attract more visitors. In simple terms, using influencer in link building means to reach out to popular and experienced personalities and try ways like interviews or writeups on their journey and post it with their link. This strategy will help you to utilize their popularity to maximize your websites online impact to influence visitors to click on your web link.

  • Internal link building by using keywords

In terms of Search Engine Optimization techniques, we all know how keywords play an essential role to increase website traffic. To build internal links through keywords, the first thing content with appropriate keywords. The next thing that you need to do is interlink your content (Anchor Text) with the appropriate URL or Anchor URL.

The most important thing while interlinking words and URLs, make sure you will that you will link the right word with the right URL. Internal link building with keywords can increase your website traffic if you do it correctly.

However, the above three ways are one of the best ways that can help you strategize to build links. I hope now you can create your links to influence more visitors. If you will face any difficulty in link building you can take a step ahead to professionals. I would suggest you take suggestions from the experts of ProICT LLC for all IT related solutions or you can read our more blogs available on our website.


Meta Title & Descriptions: The Secret Sauce of Your Website Ranking

Do you know your Meta Tags are the secret recipe to higher ranking? Well, you do now.

A Meta title works as a one-line description that describes your whole webpage content or brand. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization techniques, Meta titles and descriptions are one of the most important things on which you need to focus on. A Meta title tag plays a major role in search engine result pages (SERP) ranking by making bots understand what your page contains?

In today’s blog, we are trying to make you familiar with Meta Title tags and Meta Description’s length. But first, you need to know about the components of Google Snippet and how you can use it for better ranking.

Meta Title and Description For Website

Meta title: It is just like a title for your website snippet and describe in one line about the content or information mentioned on your webpage. Try to create a unique, understandable title that can effectively communicate your page content in one-line.

Web Link: It is a common address of a website or webpage, which specifies the location and the way from where anyone can retrieve the resource or protocol such as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.

Meta Description: A description plays a dominating factor in your web snippet because it contains brief information about your website or webpage.

What is the Term Meta Description?

A Meta description is kind of a short paragraph or description placed in HTML of a webpage that provides a summary of your web page. According to Google, the common length of a Meta description is around 150-160 characters in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So be careful while writing Meta Descriptions for your webpage. Here are a few tips that can help you while writing Description:

Avoid plagiarism and duplicate content: While writing a Meta description, duplicacy of content plays the crucial role in ranking your website or webpage. As we all know that duplication is illegal and punishable and Google may penalize for mass duplicate Meta descriptions. So be sure that you are uploading a unique Meta description for your snippet.

Make it for customers, not for search engine”: Every website is different from others and the same follows for Meta description as well. A perfect Meta description should be customer-friendly so that they can understand the information you want to deliver. Because a Meta description is the first thing visible to the user which describes your web page or website.

Include keywords smartly: If you are working as an SEO professional, then you know the importance of using keywords in the content. Do not include complex and confusing keywords and avoid too many keywords that are commonly known as keyword stuffing. Even the search engine will highlight the keyword in bold, wherever it found the words related to searcher’s query.

Keep it short and include CTA: Try to create a short, informative, impressive and easy to understand Meta description with the word limit provided by the search engine. You can upload your Meta description with the text length up to 155 characters, so write it within the limit and use this word limit to force visitors to click on your web link. You can use word or Google docs to track word count.

CTA stands for the call to action, which can attract and influence customers to click on the link. However, a strong and impactful CTA can guide the customers and it helps to attract more customers.

After reading this blog, I hope now you know how to write an effective and informative Meta Description within the word limit. If you are facing problems while writing a Meta description or any other SEO service, you can take suggestions from the professionals of ProICT. They can help you in IT related services or you can do a market survey for the best SEO service provider company in the USA.

That’s all for today. We will further discuss this topic in the next blog. Until then, you can visit ProICT LLC for further information.


2019-The Era of Semantic Search

Nowadays, people from all age group or generation are relying on Google to find all the information.

Whether it is about buying new clothes, eat in a nearby restaurant, or get a quick answer to their question, Google has become the primary source of their information for the majority of the internet users. Of course, there are hundreds of other search engines available in the market but Google dominates by making up more than 92.19% shares of the total market.

One of the primary factor that makes Google an impressive search engine platform is its constant changes- which helps it to deliver more accurate results to satisfy the information needs of the searchers. Although constant changes are boon to the platform, it has become the bane to SEO professional who works with Search Engine Optimization Techniques to rank higher on the result pages of Google.

How the Google Quest has Changed for SEOs?

There are enough theories behind this change to write a book but currently, that doesn’t need our attention. What we need to comprehend here is that search queries are becoming longer, concise and conversational.

In all these years the shift of the search engine query can be seen in the form of zero-click and voice search. What we are frequently witnessing is the growing significance of optimizing content for questions and semantic search.

So, what does it mean for your website? And what Search Engine Optimization Techniques can help you to appear higher on the search engine result pages? Let find it out in the below post.

Semantic Search and Questions

It is clear that Google introduces time to time changes to enhance the search experience. Out of all one of this algorithm update or change was “hummingbird update” which rolled out back in 2013. After this update, Google has started to analyze the queries of searchers to find out the actual intention behind them to deliver more personalized results.

This is what semantic search means. In more precise words, semantic search allows Google to study search words of the users, and deliver more genuine results even if it doesn’t contain exact matching keywords.

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How Google Identifies the Semantic Search?

A crucial aspect of the semantic search is its ability to point out the concept and entities present in the queries. When someone uses Google to make a search- whether it is through text or AI assistance, the semantic search identifies and react upon it with four main factors: –

  • The context
  • Natural language processing
  • Entity identification
  • Query stream context

What Types of Questions does Google Answer?

Google has taken huge steps to enhance its ability to answer the plethora of questions. The credit directly goes to the development in sectors of Artificial intelligence (AI), voice search, NLP, schema and more!

In order to answer to satisfy the information needs of the searchers, Google categorizes questions three categories- right opposite to just providing links to the blogs, articles or website pages.

  • Short questions
  • Long questions
  • Direct questions

The answers of these questions are placed in Google’s favorite place “snippet”- commonly known as an answer box.  Let get in details to learn more!


Short question; Short questions start with the terms like; what, who, where and why. As these types of questions can be easily answered in shirt paragraphs which can be seen in the snippet.

For instance; if you type do trees have gender? You will find a short answer as shown below.

As you can clearly see that Google has provided 3 to 4 line answer- filtering from the content it found most credible.

Long questions: The long questions refer to the queries that are needed to be answered in the form of process. Most common terms that are used in queries are how and why. For example; suppose I ask “how to write an essay?” then, it will list down the entire process with the abbreviation in the outline.

The actual purpose of this answer to inform the searcher about significant factors of writing an essay.

The direct question is the queries that have a short one to two words answers. These questions often contain terms like what, who, why, whom, best, and sometimes why.

Such questions can be quickly answered by Google assistance or voice search.

For example, if you searched “when did Google start?” it will give you answer like;


How you can utilize it for your benefit?

Now, when you come to know how Google answers semantic questions, you can use them while preparing the content marketing strategy. But how will you do it? Experts at ProICT LLC –SEO Service Provider Company in New York will answer this in the next post. Until then, visit their website to learn more!


Instagram Mistakes That Are Limiting the Growth of Your Business

What was the last time when you posted on Facebook? Yesterday? One week or two weeks back? Well in my case it was 6 months back? Now let me ask another question “what was the last time when you posted something on Instagram? Not long ago, right? If you ask me I do it all the time! @aliceredcliff I post about my home, travel, cat and my office.

The main point of all these things is to inform you that people have started to lose interest in Facebook and slowly they have started to replace it with Instagram. Maybe the change of interest is the primary reason Mark Zuckerberg decided to take over Instagram. As he must have realized that people would start to lose interest after using a social media platform for an extensive period of time.

Currently, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is all set to take over the virtual social media marketing kingdom. Creating a business profile can become an open lottery for your organization as you can easily target the audience that comes from different age groups. In the below post, I will explain how to utilize Instagram opportunities at its fullest without any mistakes.

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram?

When it comes to promoting among the crowd of 1 billion many brands make simple mistakes which can cost them in the form of revenue and profit. These small mistakes can be fixed which can help to further grow your business on Instagram. Let’s dive into some of these mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • There is a lack of engagement: Are you one of those who post with the utmost rush? Although I can understand you are excited about your post but by just rushing it on your profile, you are skipping all the creativity in a hope Instagram will make it popular on their own. Well, let me break it to you. It is not going to happen if you are not putting many efforts into it. The products and services your business offers cannot be conveyed by a single photo.

How to resolve this issue: Don’t be a ghost and replying to the comment is not the only way to engage with your followers. You have to go beyond your way to engage with the users especially the one who shares the common interest in your brand. Your caption should be related to the picture and video you are posting on your profile. Marketers who are providing Social media marketing for a while suggest “the modern-day users don’t like posts captioned with terms like; I love this, nice and so cute.”

  • Wrong use of hashtags: Hashtags are the crucial aspects of Instagram that were created in the first place to give more exposure to your posts. They give you an opportunity to get discovered by the online users who are interested in your posted content.

However, the hashtags are impressive only if you utilize them properly. Adding too much or irrelevant hashtags in your Instagram can damage your brand reputation on Instagram.

How to resolve this issue: There is no defined path to success when it comes to the hashtags. You need to take some time out to analyze which keywords resonate with your brand and lead to more conversion.

Yes, hashtags play an important role in Social media marketing by giving your post more exposure, but don’t rely too much upon them. Similar to Google, Instagram also prefers quality content over hashtag content.

  • You are promoting yourself too much: The main purpose of Instagram is to promote interaction among users. It is more than just a platform where people come and post their images, it is a place where people inspire, promote and support each other by sharing images that are the part of their experience. However, marketers take it in a wrong by doing too much self-promotion. It does nothing but makes you look like a boring and desperate person/brand who is dying for some attention.

Though there are tons of stories and experience to share, hold down the urge to spilling all at once. Continuously seeing five different photos at once can be a turnoff for many people. Let me ask you what was the last time when you posted something funny, lively or sneaky? You probably cannot remember as your stuffing your profile with boring stuff.

How to resolve this issue: Yes, I understand that you created Instagram at the first place to promote your business but you can do it without exaggerating yourself too much. An engaging post that is followed by the caption that encourages reactions is what your brand needs to promote itself.

  • Your polished content is a problem: Both new and established brands create and publish polished videos and content in the hope to capture the attention of the target audience. I understand that it is a noble gesture but it can be counterproductive. For instance; – in a recent survey, ProICT LLC found that the hard work and money you spend on the polished content doesn’t worth it.

How to resolve this issue: Do you know people relate to the authentic post better than promotional post? Therefore, your brand must focus more on sharing real-life content that is related to your brand. Simple is the new trend in the digital market.

You have to choose the right cards to take advantage of the opportunities in hand. If you worked according to your strategy, avoiding these common mistakes, then you can build a loyal community of your followers. However, if you face any issue then, you must consult with the experts at ProICT LLC- the digital marketing company in New York.


Social Proof Is the Key to Success: The Truth Behind The Statement

What was the last thing you brought from an online store? Was it a dress? Makeup? Food? Or kitchen accessories? Now, you probably brought it because you liked the reviews or got a recommendation from a close friend or family member- but before you will settle down on your firm decision- you may have meticulously searched the entire internet to find some reliable reviews.

In modern days when it comes to buying anything online, consumers just follow the words- whether they are virtual or suggestions form friends, family or peers. Don’t believe our words? In a recent survey on people, ProICT LLC found that out of 100, 70% of the online consumers trust reviews available on the website and social media marketing platforms while remaining one take recommendation from friends and family members. Other data reveals that people tend to buy more from the websites that have a higher number of positive reviews.

These statistics are enough to represent the value of testimonials for business. However, it becomes challenging to keep your hard-earned customers intact as many of them get swayed by the words of mouth. What can be done to keep your valuable customers to yourself?

Social Proof: A Way to Sway Your Clients

After hearing the term “Social proof?” the most common questions that come up to our mind are what is it? How does it work? And how my business is related to it? For now, you need to understand that social proof is just a fancy way to refer truism that people follow the crowd. Social proof has its fair shares of advantages and disadvantages but companies leverage different elements of social proof to build the trust factor with target customers and increase the conversion rate.

So, how do you define social proof online? Some of the most common examples of social proof include:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Online star rating
  • Awards
  • Social media followers
  • Client icons
  • Likes on each post
  • Subscriber count

Well established organizations in the industry utilize two or more tools on their websites. Cutting the long story in short, having the social proof is necessary for your business, after all, it has become make or break factor for your website. Still not believing our words? Then, read out the primary reasons to have social proof on your website. You can also consult with the social media marketing experts at ProICT LLC to learn more about social proof.

  • Social proof gives assurance and builds trust
  • Social proof has the power to influence customer’s opinion
  • Social proof shows customers that you care
  • Social proof differentiate your business from the crowd
  • Social proof can build an effective brand image

I hope these points are enough to knock down the importance of social proof in your mind. If not, you can still ignore a crucial aspect of your business which could save your business from crumbling down in the next few years. To protect your business from walking upon the path of destruction I suggest you start taking the social proof elements seriously. Moreover, if you are facing any issues regarding social proof then, you can acquire social media marketing solutions from ProICT LLC.


4 Reasons You Need a Custom Email Address for Your Small Business

If you are willing to take initiative to start your own business this year then, don’t forget to add one more thing to the list – a custom email address.

For the first few years, the ultimate goal of the start-up companies is to spread awareness about their brand among the target audience. You want them to know who you are and what you do and while showcasing these things you have to be professional. Whether it is your URL or your email address, you need to customize it to leave a unique and positive impression on the clients. You can also acquire email marketing strategies for small business to customize your mailer. However, if you are still fighting off the second thoughts in your heads then, the blog will surely put them out of the way.

Gmail or Yahoo Seems Unprofessional to Many

Do you know that Gmail or Yahoo at the end of your email address look unprofessional to many? After all, you are running a business and people expect some sort of professionalism from you. I know you want to save some bucks by using free emailing services but think for a moment with which email address you would feel more confident?

Although there is nothing bad about using Gmail, it will just detract the value you actually wants to offer to your clients, making you look immature and unprofessional. They will not waste time thinking why you are still not using custom Gmail address and move to your competitors who are already using a customized email address.

There is no denial to the fact that your email address doesn’t validate your capabilities however, making a first impression is crucial to grab the attention.

You Are Already Paying For Custom Email But Not Using

Do you know you are already paying for your custom email but not using it? How? Well, it is not like customizing email address would cost you more than what you are currently paying. If you have already purchased the domain of your website, then you already have the right to use the domain for the email address.

Setting up your custom email is easy and you can easily set it up even if you don’t have the best email marketing service provider in the USA.

You will Have the Full Control

When you run a business, you need to look after your valuable data and information and protect them from unwanted snoopers. Customizing your email address can reduce your worries by giving you full control over all other emails you have created with your domain. This will bring the much-needed consistency in your business.

When it comes to using free email service, you have to be on the mercy of whatever username is left for you. If you have a common name like Stan smith then, good luck finding a user name without any additional characters.

Your Organizational Data is Safe Even When an Employee Leaves Your Premises

What happens when somebody leaves your organization? Will you allow to leave your valuable data with them? No, right? But how are you going to ensure that your information is not leaving with the employee? Simple- through your customized email address. In other words, if you have set up the employee’s email address under your domain then, you can easily redirect those emails to you or any other employee. This way a new employee can easily take over the role of the previous employees along with his or her emails.

If you seriously take your start-up or want to further grow it then, you should definitely set up a custom email address. Moreover, if you face any issue while setting up a custom email address, then you can hire the best email marketing service provider, ProICT LLC.


Video Marketing Or Voice Searches: Which One Is More Popular?

Nowadays, most people prefer to watch a video rather than reading a page of text. According to studies on human nature, people remember 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear and 70 % of what they see and hear both. Video is no longer just a small part but has grown up to play a huge a role in digital marketing. The above study shows that video marketing can be the best SEO strategy for ranking a website on result pages.

If you are a beginner in video marketing, then you must read this blog. It can give you complete knowledge about how to execute an effective video marketing strategy.

What is Video Marketing and How it Affect People?

The term Video Marketing reflects its meaning, it is a way to promote your business through videos.  If you want to run successful marketing campaigns, you have to be more focused on your strategies. Video marketing consists of everything with moving effects or animated such as Instagram stories, live streaming, newsfeed videos, animated pictures (GIF’s) and many more.

Video marketing can help you to raise customer engagement on your website. Video is very easy to access for both to watch and to produce. Customers like it because it is easy to adapt, user-friendly, entertaining and delightful. Marketers love it because it can help for a huge return on investment (ROI) by using various platforms.

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Voice Searches: Another Way to Attract an Audience

Voice search is a voice recognition technology that allows users to do searches by using their voice. Over the past few years, the use of smartphone assistant and smear speakers like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant become popular very rapidly. Nowadays, more than 20 % of all the mobile searches are done through voice and this ratio will increase in the future.

How Voice Searches affect SEO Strategies?

Voice searches bring both positive and negative results on SEO, but it depends on how you use this strategy for marketing purposes. In some situations where you are unable to write long words to search something, voice searches have become a good option.

Suppose if a user is asking for “best digital marketing service providers in New York”, then voice recognition device tells only the top searches ranked on search pages. If you just want only top searches for anything then you can use this feature. It can help both search engines and marketers to better recognize users need and serve them better traditional text searching.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, people remember those things quickly which they see and listen to both. That’s why an effective video can be a very good example to prove this theory. According to the survey done by ProICT LLC, 31% for experiential marketing, 28% for micro-moments, 24% for motion design, 21% for visual search and only 10% for voice searches are important for digital marketing strategies.

The above survey shows that video marketing is the most preferred choice of marketers as compared to voice searches. That’s why professionals are including videos in their marketing campaigns. For more updates on various digital marketing strategies, stay connected to us.


Maximize Conversion Values Using Google Defined Bidding Strategies

In digital marketing, nobody knows how many ads you run, what they remember is the impression you have left in their minds. While we talk about Google Ads, it refers to an online advertising platform where advertisers need to pay for their brief ads. It is a very essential aspect of digital marketing strategies for business ROI and conversion values.

Google ads contain informative content, interesting videos and eye-catchy banners and much more. Nowadays, many online businesses are spending their money and efforts on paid ads, but still not getting satisfactory results. The reason behind their failure can be the lack of awareness and marketing strategies. So what they need to do to get desired outcomes from Google Ads?

How Google Ads Work and Help You to Perform Well?

As per studies, if you spend $1 to run Google ads, you can end up on average revenue of $2. You can follow below steps to run a successful Google Ads:

To start Google ads, the first thing you need to do is account creation on Google Adwords and create your campaigns as per your goals. After selecting the name and type of your campaign, choose a specific location where your advertisement is going to display. You can target a small or large area too like an entire country or just a small city.  Set your daily budget and payment options such as manual payments, automatic payments and monthly invoicing.

Here comes the main task which is the selection of keywords, it can be a little tricky and difficult especially for beginners. Advertisers put money on the targeted keyword that is commonly known as bidding strategies. Google will automatically raise the lowest bided ad on the top in order to increase conversion values. Last but not least in ad extension, you have to provide a little description that can help users to understand your business in a better manner.

What Type of Bidding Strategies You can Choose?

In Google ads, beating your competitor is not an easy task. Nowadays so many Digital marketing strategies for business ROI are available for professionals to run an Advertisement successfully. Few strategies are following that can help you to maximize your conversion values:

  •  Manual cost per click (CPC): This strategy provides you complete control over the clicks. You can select your counts of clicks manually for a particular keyword. It can be a good option for an experienced bidder, but not for beginners. If you set a high bid can cause of overspending or wasting of money and time and a low bid amount can cause no clicks that means no conversions. So, this strategy is best suited only for experienced professionals.
  • Enhanced cost per click (CPC): This option is ideal for conversion-based ads that can be a smart way to set your bids. In this strategy, Google automatically increases or decreases CPC bids to get more conversions. It can raise your bids by up to 30 percent to increase conversion values.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) : CAP stands for cost per acquisition also known as conversion optimizer which allows Google to adjust bids according to the target already set by you as an average cost per conversion. Google suggest CP for those advertisers, who can set their own conversion goals only.
  • Flexible bidding: This option is the most preferred strategy suggested by professionals also. It allows you to add more customize and flexible bidding strategies. It also enables you to mix and match bidding rules of campaigning and ad groups. There are five types of flexible bidding strategies that can raise conversions:
  1. Enhanced CPC
  2. Target Search Page Location
  3. Target CPA
  4. Target Outranking Share
  5. Maximize Clicks
  6. Target Return on Ad Spend

In the end, I hope this blog can help you to understand and implement Google Bidding strategies to increase your conversion values. In technical language, these strategies are popular with the name “pay per click advertising strategies” or PPC Strategies.

You can take advice from professionals of ProICT LLC who can help you to maximize conversion rates through ads.