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Why Do People call India the Country of Colors?

India is the country that is known for celebrating festivals with joy and happiness. Well, it is absolutely right, India is always imposing and fondly remembered as the country full of symbolic colors. As Indian cities own their unique colors and some Indian cities that are quite famous with a specific nickname with the referencing color like for Jaipur– the Pink City, for Jodhpur– the Blue City, and for Jaisalmer– the Golden City. Basically, India has long been associated with color because of its numerous festivals, costumes, and food.

In all the festivals, Holi is the one which owns a special festivity vibe that marks at the beginning of spring. Holi is an ancient Hindu festival that brings lots of positivity in everyone’s lives and symbolizes fertility, color, love, and the triumph of good over evil. People of India believe that Holi is one of the reasons why India got the title “The Country of Colors”.

Ancient Stories behind Holi Celebrations

The story of Holika, King Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlad is the most famous traditional stories that are associated with the Holi festival. Another lesser-known story related to Holi is the story of invincible Dhundhi’s story that teaches us the victory of good over evil. According to this ancient tale, there was a terrible ogress called Dhundhi who loved to gulp innocent children in the region of King Prithu. Dhundhi had performed severe penitence and had won several boons from the divinities that made her almost invincible or undefeated. But, due to a curse of Lord Shiva, she was not that strong to bear the pranks and abuses of young boys as she was to weapons and arrows.

One day, some daring boys of the village decided to get rid of Dhundhi forever and follow her away from the village forever. They got befuddled on bhaang and drunk and then followed Dhundhi towards the boundaries of the village along with beating drums, making a loud noise, shouting obscenities and hurling insults at her and continued doing this until she left the village for good.

How is ProICT celebrating Holi?

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Google said that Hreflang Attributes Should Not Be In Anchor Tags

If you are working as a Digital Marketing Professional, you should read this blog. You have also learned about how a brand can leverage with a multilingual website. Let’s continue the discussion further in this blog post and learn about how can you get a multilingual website with the help of the Hreflang attribute.

What is the Hreflang attribute?

Hreflang is an HTML tag attribute that helps search engines to understand the relationship between webpages in various languages on a website. Many SEO professionals believe that Google uses this attribute to serve the correct regional or language URLs in its search results based on the searcher’s country and language preferences. The hreflang attribute can be placed in on-page markup, the HTTP header, and the sitemap also.

What John Mueller says about hreflang attribute?

Recently John Mueller who is the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst in Google advised SEO professionals on what to do and what not to do when it comes to using hreflang attributes on a webpage.

As per the thread on Reddit, a user asks whether Hreflang attributes can be useful in anchor tags. Later on, the user found that Google did not fetch any hreflang attributes when placed in anchor tags. In response to the thread, John Mueller says that Google does not look for hreflang in terms of SEO attributes of anchor tags. He also advises SEO professionals about some ways that will help while using hreflang attribute tags on a website.

So the above is a long discussion ends here and I hope you had learned about the Hreflang attribute that is very crucial for multilingual website designs. However, using a hreflang attribute can be a great way to increase the reach of a brand in the international marketplace.

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Digital Marketing Strategies For Business

How Digital Marketing Strategy Is Right For Your Business?

As the marketing and tech industry is upgrading with each passing day, businesses need to adapt these changes very quickly for their survival. According to a survey report, 85% of the people prefer to surf the internet when it comes to buy something or avail any service. That is why every single business has to explore an online platform as a Digital Marketing Strategy.

However, web-marketing strategies are very crucial to increase the online presence of a brand or a website as well. In this blog post, we will discuss why digital marketing is essential to promote a brand.

Digital Marketing and Small Business

For small business owners, building their own identity is a very exhausting task. They need to tackle numerous responsibilities such as sales, accounting, day-to-day operations, and much more as their daily routine. If you are also facing a similar situation then, it is time to hire a Website Development professional who can create an attractive and impactful website for your customers.

Once you live the website, next thing you need to promote your product or services through several digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and last but most important Content Marketing.

Digital Marketing for Big Companies

Usually, large-sized businesses already have a website so they need to focus their marketing strategies. If you want to achieve your business goals, then you should implement the above marketing strategies for business growth. However, your business goals depend on the strength of the organization. Therefore, I would suggest you consult with the person who is professional in serving Digital Marketing services in the industry.

Because of the above knowledge, using digital marketing is an essential investment for every single business whether it is small or large-sized organizations. It helps your business to implement the marketing techniques, moreover, it attracts more quality traffic towards your website that will engage and convert more visitors.

In the end, I hope this blog post will help our readers to understand the importance of digital marketing when it comes to run a business successfully. You can read pour more blogs based on several digital marketing tactics. However, selecting the right marketing strategy is not an easy task, you need to do so many efforts and market survey first which takes too much time. If you do not want to explore the market, I would suggest you look at the website of ProICT LLC. They are one of the leading service providers who serve one of the best Digital Marketing Services across the world.


Cadbury’s Donate Your Words Campaign- What You Can Learn from This?

If you currently living in the UK then, you may have come across the plain Cadbury chocolate packets that don’t have a single word- just their famous logo. The packing left many in awe, shock, and confusion as they wanted to know “where all the words went?” The change also took Twitter and Instagram by storm- putting all the limelight on Cadbury. Competitors also criticized this and made sarcastic comments like “well played”, “another drama before valentine”, “they need to hire new website designing service as their team run out of ideas”, etc. what they forget to do is learn from this huge logo change implemented by Cadbury on September 9, 2019. Don’t worry, with the below post, you will find out things you can learn from Cadbury’s “donate your words” campaigns. But right before that, you need to learn…

What is “donate your words” campaign?

Why Cadbury dairy milk- the world-famous chocolate brand decided to go all blank with packaging? Well, the primary reason behind this decision is to spread awareness about the problem of loneliness among the old age people. The brand partnered up with the age UK to run “donate the word” where 30p from each sale of the bar will be donated to the charity. The primary aim of running this campaign to encourage the public to find kindness and generosity and donate theirs through small efforts and gestures that can change someone’s life.

What do you need to learn from the Cadbury?

Removing every single letter from the packing design is actually a smart move why? Because when a well-established brand plays with their existing logo like this- whether they are altering or removing anything—the impact on the brand image significantly increases. In other words, by playing with their established they can appear in the eyes of their target audience without putting many efforts.

In the modern world where social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where news spread like a forest fire- changes like can catch the attention audience in a short period of time. Can you do it with your own brand? Yes, if you are already playing in the market for a while, then you can do with the help of web designing professionals at ProICT LLC.

The impact of playing with your code

The major impact of such changes is “people will notice”, and “they will remember”. When you begin to start playing with your virtual assets whether it is the logo, theme, shape, and color, the market notices. It may sound weird to you but removing the word “Cadbury” from the Cadbury makes it more noticeable.

Cadbury is not the only brand that had guts to play with codes, other brands like Levis, Carlsberg, McDonald, and KFC also played big time with their logos. And when we are talking about playing with logo how can we forget about the master of this art – GOOGLE.

Google changes its logo on every important occasion and has separate doodle team to prepare the design just like your web designs for the business website.

It became a trend in the 21st century

Well, for now, you can assume that “if you fail to achieve any salience through your brand then, it is a total waste of time because no one knows that you exist”. The reason why you are coming across so many brands that are playing with codes is that marketers have come to realize that playing with codes can help them to achieve salience. Moreover, the journey to achieving that salience is full of hurdles.

So, what you need to learn here is salience can be achieved through a smart design change and it will not capture the attention of new client but also bring back those who have long forgotten about your brand.