Basics of Link Building In SEO For Beginners

A good SEO is the one who is paying attention to every tiny detail that most probably bloggers ignored. SEO is the process to increase more web traffic through various Search Engine Optimization strategies like Organic SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Word Press SEO, and Link Building.

When it comes to link building, it works as a backbone for whole SEO strategies to attract more visitors on a website. In this blog, you are going to read about how link building affects your SEO and web traffic. Firstly you need to understand the term “Link Building” and why it is used.

What do you understand by Link Building?

Link building is a kind of strategy or a process you can use to get linked to your website to other websites or web links. According to SEO professionals, it is one of the most powerful and popular ways to get more web traffic by using another site for outranking.

According to Google, you can be ranked higher for the keywords you are targeting if you are linking external websites to your pages. But you need to be more careful while using link building strategy whether you are using it legally (as white hat SEO) or using to get more web traffic illegally (as black hat SEO). Here are a few tactics you can implement to build outside links for your website traffic:

  • Guest Posting

In terms of SEO, guest posting also known as guest blogging is the method where you write an article and post it on another website with your web link being a guest on that website with their permission. Guest posting allows you to connect with other sites, which can be beneficial for your website if you do it properly.

The most important thing need to remember is the link of the host blogger must include in the guest post so that visitors can visit the host blogger’s website. As per professional SEO experts, guest posting on other websites increases web traffic five times rather than posting a blog on your site.

  • Using influencer for link building 

In the marketing industry, the golden rule is “what people see they buy” which helps to attract more visitors. In simple terms, using influencer in link building means to reach out to popular and experienced personalities and try ways like interviews or writeups on their journey and post it with their link. This strategy will help you to utilize their popularity to maximize your websites online impact to influence visitors to click on your web link.

  • Internal link building by using keywords

In terms of Search Engine Optimization techniques, we all know how keywords play an essential role to increase website traffic. To build internal links through keywords, the first thing content with appropriate keywords. The next thing that you need to do is interlink your content (Anchor Text) with the appropriate URL or Anchor URL.

The most important thing while interlinking words and URLs, make sure you will that you will link the right word with the right URL. Internal link building with keywords can increase your website traffic if you do it correctly.

However, the above three ways are one of the best ways that can help you strategize to build links. I hope now you can create your links to influence more visitors. If you will face any difficulty in link building you can take a step ahead to professionals. I would suggest you take suggestions from the experts of ProICT LLC for all IT related solutions or you can read our more blogs available on our website.

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